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  1. Well if we do decide on Hawaii we'll probably choose Oahu. It'll most likely be cheaper for our guests that way.
  2. Hi everyone! I'm Valerie and I've been engaged since October of 2007, but have not done any solid planning yet. We had planned on an August 2009 wedding but we had to nix those plans. So now we're thinking of getting married in May or June of 2010...and hopefully in Hawaii! We definitely want a destination wedding, so hopefully everything works out. We're just a little worried about the affordability...of course we'll do our best to give people a variety of hotel options. If we can't do Hawaii, then maybe we'll try for the Caribbean or Mexico...but the only thing is that we're going to allow kids, and a lot of the places I've seen that look like a good place to marry are adults only. I'm looking forward to getting ideas from everyone and hopefully sharing some of my own!
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