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  1. I have 18 brand new Spanish Phrases for Dummies Pocket Edition books I purchased at Target. I bought them to use in our OOT bags for our Destination Wedding in Mexico, but we never used them. If anyone is interested I'd be happy to ship them. I live in Los Angeles, CA. But can ship to you if you are willing to pay for shipping. Thanks! Please email me at lizaliz13@gmail.com
  2. I vote for #1!!! They are both beautiful dresses, but I feel like #1 shapes your body perfectly and enhances in all the right places. They are both gorgeous dresses. I guess it also depends how formal you want your wedding to be. #1 is def more formal. Good Luck! Let us know which one you end up with... as a matter of fact... why not do both TTD and D-day Dress!
  3. MrsSmigs

    Found my dress!

    WOW!!! You look amazing in it! It fits you like a glove. Glad you found the one!
  4. Congrats! It's nice that everything worked out! You looked lovely!
  5. Okay...I'll give this a shot. I feel a little funny posting a picture of my ring, but it's nice to know we have a place were we can be proud and excited about our rings without it being taken as bragging! Here goes! ....
  6. You looked beautiful and the video is AWESOME! best video I have ever seen... it's so cool.
  7. I love your pictures. You guys make a beautiful couple. lots of good shots to frame!
  8. MrsSmigs

    Syl's Dreams Cancun Review

    I love your center pieces and the dance floor. very cool thanks!
  9. They look great! I'll have to add this to my list of great ideas I've come across from all of you. Dont know what I'd do without this website! You girls ROCK!
  10. Very pretty pix! love the water shots!