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  1. welcome katrina and andrew! i havent had a chance to spend much time on here lately but am so glad to see you here. im guessing i dont know many gals here anymore but i just want to tell you all that katrina and andrew are awesome. i got to hangout with them a few weeks ago at their home in AZ and i cant wait to go back (or have them come here!). ive known katrina now for a few years and andrew since a workshop earlier this year. everyone here will enjoy them so much!
  2. ann im so shocked at all that dark hair! i havent seen her for a while. congrats. i hope to see you guys soon
  3. just returned from cabo and heres where it stands. private companies - like transcabo, hotel shuttles, etc.. can take you from the airport to your hotel or location. they cannot take you back to the airport though. apparently the palmilla was trying to get some guest back to the airport last week and they were surrounded by taxis who made the guests get out of the palmilla cars and into the taxis. some people are taking shuttles closer to the airport and catching a taxi there. a private person can take you to the airport of course. its the license tag that gives away the resort cars even if they remove the decals from their vehicles. i was talking to a few locals and it will probably eventually get sorted out in favor of the transport services but it will take a while. ps - i got all this info from a reliable source. a local family whose house i stayed at in pedregal. they are in the resort business.
  4. congrats ann and paul! i will have to admit, im selfish. i was hoping youd be there another week so i could see you all. but soon i hope safe travels.
  5. the absolute best two wedding coordinators in LA - rebecca stone mimi palmer good luck
  6. by formal shot i mean looking at the camera and saying cheese. not like a fashion shoot. sounds like your dads gonna rock it though! dark clothes will make you look slimmer and try to get your photographer to shoot you from above youll be fine.
  7. i would just wear something fashionable and neutral. good makeup and good lighting go a long way to make good photos. and your photographer should be able to pose you. i dont know but im guessing it will be a more formal shot?
  8. thanks guys! courtney is gorgeous. and i should add amy took the pic of courtney and her dad before the ceremony. i was down front waiting for the handoff. i hope courtney checks her email today so she can see these! i havent been here much lately. has she?
  9. im terribly behind on blogging but wanted to get some more pics up for you courtney! here goes, many more coming soon
  10. 3 weddings at el dorado royale and all ive ever seen are white/cream calla lilies. like here
  11. hey gals i got a thing in the mail from the rosewood resorts and they have a "secret" website with specials - Rosewood Escapes
  12. i know. i REALLY need an excuse to visit charleston!!! congrats. and yes get busy with some planning pics
  13. thanks! thats pretty funny. i love the details too! thats all ive got. there are 3 posts on my blog from this wedding. i will probably have the entire wedding done in a few weeks. but boy im pooped with my schedule lately and thats all ive got for now - haha! where are you getting married in charleston? whos shooting your wedding? how do you ever decide as a wedding photographer? ive always wanted to shoot a wedding there. it seems so full of charm! omg and i see halloween to boot! how totally fabulous. do you have planning pics? i wanna see
  14. thanks everyone. and now the rest of the story and a slideshow here
  15. awesome ann! i was going to call you today, i just got back to the us, but after getting pauls email this morning figured you probably had better things to do than talk to me! so glad to hear things are progressing and going so well. i have a wedding up that way at the end of june but sounds like you may be gone by then. if so i will fly up one day to hang out and see baby gwendolyn if you have time for me. you must have named her after me right? my mom has always called me gwen. not sure where or why that came about but she just does! anyway now that i see you are back on the computer i will shoot you an email. congrats again!!! when i come should i bring my camera?
  16. ive seen it and tried it on. it is a heavy t-shirt fabric.
  17. your guests dont have to stay where you have the wedding. are you looking at AIs? $400 a night at an AI doesnt sound high. have you looked here? i love this place i think you only have one wedding. do what you want.
  18. i shot a wedding that katie coordinated in 2006. heres a link to the knot spread on my blog. im working with her again in july of this year for a wedding at casa del mar. she was very professional and easy to work with. everything was beautiful and ran smoothly. maybe there will be a bride on here who has worked with her as well. i would hire her if i was getting married in cabo. i can report more after my wedding in july. good luck!
  19. cooper and anna - both fabulous. id love for either one of them to shoot me!
  20. im sure you saw my answer on the other post but heres a link to the wedding i worked with katie at WIP on - Leigh Miller Photography i will have more pics after july when i work with them again.
  21. is it katie? ive worked with her before. and have a wedding with her in july. shes on the up and up! can you call her? she probably needs the cc#, exp and that security code that is on the back of the card. then she probably needs for her protection to verify your identity. hence the DL.
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