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    Hindu wedding

    Hi Teamr, Apologies if I already responded to you about this, I have been meaning to...So I recently got married in Cabo San Lucas, it was an Indian/Hindu wedding. It was a lot of work/planning and unique stuff so I know what you are going through! We did fly our priest down from LA...and all the other Indian stuff I brought it myself or found it there somehow...I also started an Indian Wedding Planning/Coordination business so if you need help at all feel free to contact me. I have a lot of experience with it and after planning my own in Cabo, I can do one anywhere! Good luck!
  2. smile999

    Hi :)

    Hi Dustin, I recently had a Hindu/Indian wedding in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico...I have lots of info and also do wedding planning/coordination mostly Indian weddings, so if you need help feel free to contact me! Good luck!
  3. Hi Reena, Congrats!! I recently had an Indian/Hindu wedding in Cabo, and I know exactly how you feel (in fact I think its me that Dino is referring to in response to your question, he was our videographer) I am also a wedding coordinator and I focus on Indian weddings especially destination! Please let me know if you have questions or need help. We flew our Pandit down from Los Angeles and I can give you the scoop on that and a few others... Good luck!
  4. Hey - ok so Mehndi was a huge worry of mine as well, so what I did was I got it done the night before leaving for Cabo, I slept with it on and in the morning before the flight scraped it off and did the cloves on the stove and oil and all the things they tell you to do to make it dark - but I did not wash it with water/soap. So, the entire next day, it continued to get darker and darker. Then when I needed to shower, I got these plastic gloves from CVS pharmacy in the medical area they are made for people who have casts on I guess...anyways that helped, but my feet got lighter cause I didnt cover them. I could not go in the beach or pool before the wedding cause Chlorine or Salt Water will definitely lighten it. So basically it was really dark still at the wedding, I attached a pic of it 5 days after getting it put on. Also make sure your mehndi lady knows you want it super dark, maybe she can make the mehndi so that it will get dark somehow. Also, I had so much stuff to take that what I did was I split it all up and put stuff in see-through plastic bags, and labeled them with what is inside, and gave them to other people who were coming to bring in their luggage. That way everything got to Cabo and noone got stopped in customs for having a lot of stuff that they think you might sell down there. Also, all my bridal stuff we put in carry on luggage just so that it couldnt get lost if a bag didnt make it and then I would not have anything to wear haha...so all those precautions helped. Let me know if you need help with stuff, I am in post-wedding lots of time on my hands mode! Suman ps. ok I guess the pic is too big for me to attach, so here is a link to it: Content Not Found | Facebook
  5. Hi Girls, I just wanted to write and let you know that I just had an Indian/Hindu wedding in Cabo San Lucas. I probably faced a lot of the issues you are also going through so if you need any help let me know. I am thinking about getting into the wedding planning business in general because I hired a coordinator in Cabo, and ended up doing everything myself because she knew so little bout Indian weddings. Regarding the henna, I had mine done in San Diego (where I live) the night before leaving for Cabo and since that was 5 days before the wedding I had to take all sorts of hilarious measures to keep it dark, but it turned out awesome. We had a mehndi party the weekend before leaving because I could not find someone in Cabo to do it so the sangeet in Cabo had no mehndi. This worked out well cause if you have a destination wedding its kinda nice to do one local event so people can see you and come to that in case they dont come to the wedding. Also, my bridal mehndi girl was willing to come to Cabo and may be willing to go to Cancun...let me know if you are interested! Suman
  6. So...today I had one of those days where it hits you that this thing you have been planning for a year is ACTUALLY happening in 3 weeks!! I kind of got a mix of nervous, sad, excited, scared etc...We even still have people RSVP'ing and just had to add an 11th table to the reception! Wondered if anyone else out there is getting married Thanksgiving weekend? We are arriving on the 25th and the wedding events go from the 27 - 30th (wedding on 29th). We have SO MUCH stuff to take to Cabo and are going to distribute it among guests...so hopefully nothing gets left behind! I am going to make a checklist and send it to my WC to go over...any other advice? Hope the weather is good!! Current guestlist count: 108 people!! PS. I have been wondering how to add the countdown ticker to my posts all this time, and now its only 3 weeks away and I never got around to it!
  7. Hi Tanya! Thank you SO MUCH for sending me this - you are amazing, can't believe you took the time to do so with the wedding so close and all the moving etc...Hope its going well, you only have a little while to go! Don't worry you are not alone with the stressing...if it helps, I got shingles a month ago and am still recovering, and I have only got 17 days to go!!! Anyways I wanted to show you my draft of the welcome letter you made and give back to the community, so here it is attached. Thanks again, and good luck! Bag Stuffersnnv2.doc
  8. Hi Nanner431! I LOVE your bag stuffer! I really want to use the ideas and adapt them to include my wedding details (if you don't mind!) Do you have an editable version, like a word-doc or something? I am not sure how to convert from PDF. I totally understand if you don't or arent comfortable! I am getting married the weekend after you, so I know you must be busy Thanks!
  9. Hey! We are having our welcome party/dinner at Nikki Beach at the ME. The person we are working with is Jennifer Highland, here is her info: Jennifer Highland Public Relations & Sales Nikki Beach Cabo San Lucas Playa El Medano s/n Zona Hotelera C.P. 23410 Cabo San Lucas B.C.S. O: 624-145-7829 C: 624-157-5284 F: 624-105-0069 E: jhighland@mebymeliacabo.com
  10. Hey! Ok, so to respond to your question about the coordinator, yes, I have had problems with responsiveness for months now. I highly recommend having your own wedding coordinator in addition to Gretel, as she really is swamped all the time and travels a lot. She also tends to only answer some of the questions you ask. It helps when I list out my questions and number them. I also call when I feel like its been too long since I have gotten a reply. Overall, they have a reputation of not being that easy to work with (I have heard this from multiple coordinators, my hair and makeup person, and other vendors LOL), but things do get done, so don't dispair!
  11. hey - meant to give you Amy's contact info in my last post: amy@fiestasloscabos.com
  12. Hey! I am a Cabo bride using Amy Abbott too - so far so good, although she sometimes takes a while to answer emails and then only answers part of them...
  13. Hi Girls, I am getting married at Villa Del Arco in November - wondered if anyone else out there is working with the same hotel? They have recently improved in communication and responsiveness, I think because there might be some new management in the group coordination office. I am having a reception at the beach front restaurant - La Perla and a lunch the day before and a brunch the day after, so given all this and the number of rooms my guests will book, I am trying to get room rates that are competitive - wondered if anyone else is going through the same? Suman Suman and Premesh | Welcome | sumanandpremesh
  14. I am getting married at Villa Del Arco in November - it is on the swimmable mendano beach, and it is a nice 5 star resort. Others on this beach that I considered were: Pueblo Bonito, and Me by Melia hotels...
  15. Hi Girls, I am using Katie Thompson from WIP as well. She has been awesome and well organized so far. My only gripe is that if I do not use one of HER vendors, she refuses to deal with them or help me with them etc...and most of the time her vendors are significantly more expensive than the ones I have found..ie. WIP DJ: 350/hr, mine: 150/hr WIP Florist (flower cart) is more than Cabo Flowers and others I know a lot of WCs work like this, but it is a bummer because I am paying her to be the WC, but doing a lot of work myself and finding that I have one option to save money on comparable vendors, or to spend more and have her deal with it...so basically, she costs more than just the coordination fee! Other than that, she is great!
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