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Daily Health Challenge (Spark, WW, everyone!)

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OK so let's get a mini-challenge going! I posted this up on Spark as well. We can then just check in and tell if we did or did not do it! It's small things that we can all do to improve our health, lose weight if you need to, and just get a little motivated (for us who have motivation problems... um like me!):


October 8 - Drink 64 oz. of water!


October 9 - Do 50 crunches (any type)


October 10 - Work out for 30 minutes min. (any type)


October 11 - Do 25 leg-lifts (each leg)


October 12 - Eat right all day!


October 13 - Take a day off!


October 14 - Try a new vegetable


October 15 - 25 lunges (each leg)


October 16 - Don't eat anything with "Added Sugar"


October 17 - Do 25 push-ups (real of "girl")


October 18 - No refined carbs - Eat only whole grains (fruit, veggies, whole wheat bread, brown rice, wheat pasta)


October 19 - Try a new fat free food


October 20 - Look up a new healthier recipe for one of your old unhealthy favorites (mac n' cheese, potatoes au gratin, cookies, etc.)


October 21 - Add some veggies to your breakfast


October 22 - Do 50 jumping jacks (or modify)


October 23 - Try a new twist to your normal work-out (intervals, weights, new class, machine, etc.)


October 24 - Drink that water again!


October 25 - Lift some weights!


October 26 - Log everything you eat in drink all day and ALL NIGHT!


October 27 - Go for a long walk


October 28 - Try a new food


October 29 - 50 squats!


October 30 - Minimize sodium in your diet (watch out for pre-packaged food!)


October 31 - Have some Halloween fun but watch your candy intake!

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Kash - what a great list!!!! And you say you're not motivatedhuh.gif This list sure motivated me. Small, do-able challenges. It's GREAT!!!!


Ok, so I'm almost done with the 64oz of water. I have about 20 more to go.


Um, still haven't used the new treadmill yet. I know there are no excuses but I did have a busy weekend. I plan on using it tonight for at least 30 minutes. Plus I've been sticking to my target calorie intake all day, and I'm doing good so far. The scale still hasn't moved, but I guess maintaining is better than gaining, righthuh.gif

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Oh, and I forgot to mention that today is Day #6 without Diet Coke. I even went to Subway today for lunch and turned down fountain soda (which I LOVE!!!!) But that just means I'll drink more water.

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Jen I really want to get that book you were talking about, it sounds really good. So what do they say in the book about DC, I know you've mentioned its bad for you. I have heard that before too that it expands your waistline, if that makes sense?

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