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Show us your wedding dress!

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You have Excellent taste!!  I also chose this dress !!!!   

As soon as the saleswoman started to lace it up, I knew immediately that this was it.  I love how light it is and how it hugs the body perfectly!  Congrats on getting the dress!   :-)


Originally Posted by JMikla View Post

Well I bought a dress and then I didn't love it.  Went back to my original #1 choice that I had turned down because I had preferred a zipper back to the corset! But I love this dress and it is the one I picture myself coming down the aisle in.






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That actually sounds like a great idea.... Thanks!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by Kimberli1211 View Post

Seeing all the comments about dresses and the heat, I thought I would pass on a tip a friend gave me: you can buy some of those thin instant cold stick-on patches from the drugstore and put a few under your dress in random places. She said it worked wonders and kept her from sweating... Just an idea. :)


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