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  1. Also, we booked with a TA but gave our guests the option.. honestly, our TA was horrible, especially as I was dealing with her from afar since we don't live where we grew up, but all our guests are still there. We dealt with it, the good thing was that we didn't have to put money down as a group booking and she dealt with all that.. but definetly wasn't an enjoyable experience. Our wedding website: www.weddingwire.com/aylward
  2. Olaaa.. just passing through as a past bride. As far as tipping, I should have planned it out earlier and put the money in envelopes a head of time like I did for pastor york (I paid Jellyfish a head of time). But from what I remember, we tipped Mayte at least $100 (could have been more and I also bought her daughter a few outfits from back home- her daughter was born a couple of months into my wedding planning), a couple of wait staff that we really noticed $20 each (there was so many of them, I had no idea who was really working our party).. my gracious husband went and tipped the MC between $60-80 (!!!!!!) so I was left to tip the DJ less than the MC, but I want to say the MC is actually the DJ's boss or something and hope he would have split it (also gave the DJ money but can't remember how much). We didn't tip Pastor York as he has his fees. As far as the resort, we had about 30 guests and ourselves at the Majestic Elegance, no complaints from anyone really, the rooms are huge and staff are really accommodating. The ride from the resort is about 25 minutes, wasn't a bad ride at all. Happy planning! off to our honeymoon in about a week
  3. $420 for a cake is definetly based on the amount of guests you have.. just gotta remember that all your communication is by email and there are language barriers.. so make sure you ask more than once on certain issues.. Mayte redid my preinvoice multiple times whenever there would be a change. A wedding at the Jellyfish isn't as expensive as the resorts when you think about all the hidden costs resorts charge and everything you would have to bring with you (decorations, etc). You don't have to worry about that at the Jellyfish since they do everything for you. If you're wanting fire dancers, outside dancefloor, cigar roller, DJ Mania, etc. then you are going to be paying for a lot of extras and your invoice will rise.
  4. Astef- We planned on meeting Mayte on the Wed. we arrived, but by the time we settled in, we were tired and it was getting late.. so we met with her on the Thurs (she was busy planning a wedding that afternoon, but you have her attention) plus it was raining/thunder.. welcome dinner was on the Friday, wedding was on the Saturday. Don't stress/overwhelm yourself because honestly its almost 3 months later I'm wanting to go on an actual honeymoon because I feel like my husband and I werent able to relax/were always with people. Lona- not worth it to rent out the restaurant, Mayte will even tell you that..unless you were to have a huge wedding or if you have issues with people eating dinner upstairs (they go by a different entrance). Sunny- I'm sure you can and there would be an additional cost, just ask Mayte. Sooooooooo.. I can't sleep, here are some pictures (still waiting on professional pictures): My mom holding my bouquet. Bouquet MOH holding bouquet sweetheart table.. I made the bride/groom signs, Mayte did everything else. Guest table- Mayte did the napkin set up in our colors, menu, name cards Guest table.. and you can see our welcome cocktail- Sex on the beach I believe in our colors. Enjoy By the way if you find me on facebook, please shoot me a message just saying who you are rather than just adding me.. cause I don't add people I don't know.
  5. Venus- my bouquet was $130 so yours sounds right.. you have more orchids than I did Feb- I wouldn't bother hiring someone else besides Mayte, it is not worth it..she has her own vendors she works with and people that help her, so she knows what shes doing. I used the Jellyfish DJ, they had DJ Mania tshirts on so I was extremely confused.. not sure if they work hand in hand, but anyway.. the DJ the Jellyfish uses does an excellent job, I gave him a list of exactly when/what songs to play and he added in songs in the mix.. my guests loved him and were dancing all night. I wanted extras but when I really thought of it, we're all planning a wedding from afar..I wanted a bonfire, but I'm glad I didn't go with it because it was raining all morning at the Jellyfish when at my resort it was perfect weather.. things like that, that you stress over and are just little details that really don't mean anything when its the day of your actual wedding.
  6. andddd yes, she made place cards & menus for each person..you can see it in our video: http://vimeo.com/32143307
  7. Entree: Capresse salad Main course: Cheff´s pasta, jellyfish seabass, Redsnnaper filet alex style. Sides: grill vegetable + sauteed potatoes with bacon and parsley $32 pp, then I had apps during cocktail hour.
  8. Astef, I want to say you only pick one side, it was definetly enough food though. I had the jellyfish seabass with shrimp in ginger sauce and sauteed veggies..so good! As far as the apps, I wanted finger food especially since people were on the beach during the cocktail hour.. so as far as the antipasto/chorizo I wouldn't know.. that would be something that you can discuss with Mayte in person or just ask her in email because she told me how much would be enough, shes really good about that. Don't worry too much about the small details (I know its hard) because you just go over it with Mayte and you'll be at ease.
  9. I want to say mainly all the judges there speak Spanish, that was the reason why we did a symbolic ceremony, if you end up doing symbolic look into Pastor Rick York, he has gotten popular this past year and books early in advance and I believe his price has gone up.. definetly worth it though, speaks English and sends you your ceremony in writing beforehand so no surprises. Erin/InloveinKorea- Mayte is extremely busy and has multiple weddings during the week and shes doing it all on her own, just rest assured as your time gets closer she focuses on you.. shes replying to emails/planning weddings on a practically a daily basis.. and if a couple of weeks go by, just send her another email or write "Important" in your subject Sheri- for Apps this is how it worked out for us: 27 mozarella sitck x 1.5 = 40.50 US 27 butterfly shirmps x 2.5 = 67.50 US 27 hot pockets x 1.5= 40.50 Us Total appetizers: 148.50 US staff are extremely accommodating.. one of my bridesmaids apparently didn't get one of the hot pockets and she wanted one so they went and cooked one just for her. we ended up changing the menu a couple weeks before by looking over the resturant menu also and this is how it turned out: Entree: Capresse salad Main course: Cheff´s pasta, jellyfish seabass, Redsnaper filet alex style. (each person picks one) Sides: grill vegetable + sauteed potatoes with bacon and parsley so that came out to $32pp plus the total of appetizers.
  10. If anyone has issues, just PM and let me know so I can try to find you that way.
  11. Congrats Mel!! I've been thinking about you and hoping your wedding comes out amazing! Your pictures came out great so far!!
  12. Left from Logan, just checked them in my suitcase in between clothes..make sure you check your bag. If you have any questions just PM me or add me on fb, I don't mind.
  13. Jacq, no extra charge.. they deliver your flowers to the resort ahead of time. If you want to find me, put: Jessica Arruda Aylward and put that I live in Phenix City, AL.
  14. I was there around noon on the day of your wedding.. ridiculous thunderstorms and lightening.. Mayte was so worried, she really cares about her brides.. she also told me that my bouquet was already at the florist (my wedding was on the Saturday) and that yours wasn't even there yet.. so she was definetly stressed! The sparklers flew well (even flew back with some of our cake to eat a year later, yeah I know.. I'm such a law breaker!) The only thing is, it was really windy inside the Jellyfish and with about 30 guests, there was no way that they were able to light them to have all of them stay on at the same time.. I wasn't around for this, but apparently my MOH tried lighting about 20 of them at the same time (seriously, who does that?) and lets just say that we're lucky the Jellyfish is still around.. just kidding Needless to say, sparklers aren't expensive so go for it, but just know that it may not work out because of the weather.. if it was indoors, then I'm sure it would work out fine.. but I'd rather take our amazing location of a wedding than an indoor reception
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