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  1. 1st gorgeous dress... 2nd I'll say only pink... I think it will be a great punch of color
  2. OMG... I'm so mad right now... GIRLS!!!! Give me the address and I'll go and kick some ?*%(?$.... GGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! A few month's ago, my friend got married and while she was planning THE day... I though it was rediculous, cheap and the list goes on... but I always reminded my self... It's THERE day so they'll do what they want... And I did spend a lot of money on that wedding... I was a bridesmaid so got a dress, jewels, plan bachelorette and spend $$$ on that, help her with the planning, when to the restaurant for dinner had to pay for our meals and only had 1 hour to eat, bought a gift... well it cost a lot... but it was her day and at the end, she was super happy... that's what matter!!! Now, it's my turn... always tough to do the big wedding at home... while I was putting the guest list together, only had 70... and most of them my FI didn't want to see them lol... he was saying why spend money on people that I see once a year (sometime)... than summer was here and I told him... I want a F?&%*?&%$ pool next year... His answer... you can't have it all, a wedding and a pool... since we LOVE to travel... why not a DW... Eureka... why not get legally married at home (his mom and mine said it was important for them to be there when we'll get married) and have a little get together at a restaurant with family and do THE wedding at destination... He was onboard with the idea... Why celebrate 1 day when you can do it for 7 And we do understand not everybody will make it but we can live with that... Don't understand why people can't see the big pic... yes it's a wedding but it's also the opportunity to get together, have fun, be on vacations and celebrate life... Hoping I won't have to many of those peanuts...
  3. Notice that you're getting married at Dreams Tulum... what made you decide on this one ??? I'm not sure between Tulum and Riviera Cancun...
  4. If you order from the US and use USPS (regular US mail service) most of the time you don't pay duty free... but if it's a big order and use UPS, Fedex etc you probably will... I know that you can use a PO box in the US but they do charge you to ship it back to you...
  5. I wrote to Dreams Tulum and Riviera Cancun to see if they have one of my dates.. and Tulum got back with a yes... I'll wait for the Riviera Cancun and I think we'll go with them... I love the resort... and people have a little more than a year to save money so...
  6. Tks... I'll book in every single resort lol...
  7. Girls... I need help... We're getting married Nov 2012... Since we want to find a nice and affordable resort... we still have to wait to get the $$$ for the all-inc package from our TA... Should I book a date at the resort that I want or wait to get the $$ before???
  8. WoW... Beautiful... I'm not sure 100% that I will bring my photographer... but I think so... because I think you can really develop a relation the days before... Also, I would like to do a photo shot for my guest as a gift so they can get there pics taken by a professionnal
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