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Show us your wedding dress!

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Beautiful!  Love the detail :)

Originally Posted by sandyspo View Post

This is my dress. It is super light and doesn't have a long train which is great for my destination wedding in Mexico.


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Originally Posted by JayKay View Post


All these dresses are beautiful!!  As my wedding is still over a year away I think I better wait a few more months before starting to shop, or I may fall in love with more then one!  This thread has sure given me tons of information and ideas though!


Hey JayKay - See that you're thinking about dress shopping, but think it might be too soon. I definitely don't want to alarm you, because there's no need to be alarmed, but I did just want to tell you that you'll likely need to order your dress at least 6-9 months in advance of your wedding. I got engaged in September, picked a wedding date in July and started looking for gowns in late October. It was only then that the salespeople told me that while I had time, I didn't have much. It's a bit of knowledge I wish someone had shared with me cheers.gif

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Hey wnmrtn8! I think your dress is gorgeous! Would you mind sharing who makes it?  I ordered my dress and its so simple it just doesn't feel special or bridal anymore.

Originally Posted by wnmrtn8 View Post

Very pretty dresses. Where did you find your little dress I really like it?

Originally Posted by aholen View Post

Yay, I finally found a dress! It's darn hard to find a pretty dress that isn't super heavy--I was a little worried I would't find anything that I wouldn't make me melt before I reached the end of the aisle! I finally found a gown made of silk--a bit pricier than I had wanted, but otherwise perfect! I also found a cute little dress for our welcome dinner the night before!





This is the dress I will be wearing for my wedding Mikaella_1406-_Front_t_w300_h400.jpg

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LOVE your dress perry1217!!  I love the spanish flair too, and thanks for the advice you gave me on my own dress.  

Originally Posted by perry1217 View Post

Here is mine!  It looks a bit Scarlett OHara in the pic, but with a flower in the hair it's perfectly senorita-ish for my Mexican wedding!!!!!!!!



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