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  1. I did not read the reviews but my wedding was in June 4th and we had about 35 guests. They had a GREAT time. The only problem was the mosquito bites, they were ruthless. We gave our guests a gift bag which included anti-diarrhea pills. I don't think anyone used them, but my husband during the honeymoon. My husband's grandmother did get a bit sick, but only because everyone including her was eating so much which is different from when ppl are home. About the reception, yes it is totally possible to have it at the disco tech. We had a reception with 2 hours of dancing. We told everyone to go to the club after, which they all did. It was great. You could totally save money and just go to the disco. I believe it opens at 10:30 though. We used an outside photographer, Micheal Weiler. We also had the dreams photographer (which was included in our package). It was great to have 2 photographers because they had different techniques on shooting the pics. Micheal came with his brother hours before the wedding. He was able to take pictures of me getting ready. At first I was uneasy about it, but glad I did it. THe pics look great. He was there the entire time I had my hair done. I do believe that Dreams is preventing outside photographers unless they had them booked before Feb. You may want to make sure of this. I hope this helps.
  2. Thanks Sharon99!! I got the bags from qualitylogoproducts.com, they do all types of personalization on so many products. They practically have everything there, but the only down fall is that they have limit quantity products. Hope this helps.
  3. So just came back for my wedding. Had my BM in the convertible dress by Henkaa. My mom was kind enough to purchase the dresses for the girls. It was $100 at the time (the have since increased their prices). I also purchased broaches from fabulousbroach.com (the flowers are covering them in the pics). My girls loved the idea especially since it was 80 degrees.
  4. I just came back from my wedding and used the activity books to place in our gift bags. My guests LOVED them. It was great because they had something to work on while laying on the beach. Thanks for posting!!!
  5. First of all I wanted to thank all of the ladies for all of the tips, advice, and inspirational posts. I am so happy that I found this site as it helped me save so much money on my best destination wedding. So here is my wedding journal. Time to pass it forward..... 3 years ago I had a summer of weddings to attend and being a single woman I panicked so I joined a dating website. I was unsuccessful with some of the guys I met until I met my husband. I thought he was a "player" because he had on sun glasses indoors (I know pretty judgmental) but he was cute and I sent him a wink and we have been together ever since. One of the many weddings and one of our early pictures together. The engagement We have been dating for about over a year when he surprised me on NYE. We had talked about getting married someday and I was hoping he was going to ask me until he gave me pajamas for Christmas. I decided that it was not going to happen. On NYE we planned on staying in. He called me in the middle of day saying that his boss had plans that fell through the cracks and that me and my then boyfriend can go to a party. He told me that I had to pack an overnight bag for the both of us (since he was stuck at work) and he will arrange for a car to come get me. Long story short, he was not at work he was at the hotel that I was to wait for him at. He went on his knees and asked. This is us shortly after the engagement. I don't have pics of my ring until I get married. Punta Cana, Dominican Rep We decided to go to Dreams Punta Cana Resort and Spa to have our wedding. My friend did the Save the dates. She created the visuals and we printed it out on Vista to make into a picture magnet. We loved them. Colors were coral and sage. I tried to load my invites but for some reason it is not posting. The location the ceremony location My dress from Wtoo. My shoes The Bridal party. The girls are wearing dresses from Henkaa. I wanted them to be different to match their personalities. The guys with their linen suits. Groom on the left. He was the one who arranged the suits for the guys so I don't know where they purchased it. We asked for all of our guest to email their itinerary. We arranged for a taxi to pick up each guest member, which we paid for and greeted everyone with a gift bag. We brought them down with us. We wanted something light so that our guests can take them back home. Survival kits done by Allurements by Rebecca. She was great as she was able to complete the order in short notice while I was in nursing school. In the bags we put off, sun block, aspirin, anti-diarreha, bandaids, gadorade powder (some of my guest do not like water and we wanted people to stay hydrated), a brochure from Vista print welcoming everyone to the wedding, key card holders with business cards from Vista print, Sudouku and a Love and Marriage activity book thanks to a fellow BDW girl. The ceremony My new rings Photographer Micheal Weiler Food was amazing-Steak and Lobster....YUM!!! Dj Mannia was great!!! I danced the whole night!!! My room after I returned from the reception. Thats all!!
  6. Amber Another option can be to have a legal cerimony on November 10th 2011. That way you still have your date and have your real wedding the following year. I wish I did that so that I could have my date for my legal day be the same as my wedding day. We did the civil ceremony here. We did not exchange rings and tried to make it as informal as possible so that we would not take away from the actual wedding at DPC. We did our legal ceremony a week before the wedding. Once at DPC we had Pastor Rick to do our ceremony. It was $300US, but worth it. He really made the ceremony feel like a wedding. Everyone loved him. He surprised us and had us sign a wedding certificate, which I don't believe is the real deal, but my family did not know that. It did come in handy for our honeymoon a few days later when showing proof of our wedding day though.
  7. Jenn, Did you have fabric draped on the pillars? It looks like it. Did you have to pay extra and if so how much?
  8. You can go on the DPC facebook page and see a video of them playing. One person had a guitar and I forgot what the other two used. Sound....well it sounds OK. Not too impressed but my family would love it. It is better than having nothing.
  9. I am getting ready to leave for DPC for my wedding in June 4th. So excited and overwhelmed. Hope the weather cooperates with us. We are getting married at the Gazebo. I still don't have centerpieces yet, but everything else is pretty much taken care of. Will post pics soon.
  10. So after months of working out, I finally had the opportunity to do a BD session. My friend took the pictures, which were done in her apartment. I did the edits through picnik.com. It was fun putting it all together. Here are a few of my pics. Let me know what you think!! Well that is all I am willing to post. Hope you liked them!!!
  11. Love the picture. Good to see that they are now using fabric on the Gazebo. Good to know since I am getting married in less than 3 weeks.
  12. Thank you!!! It certainly beats buying bags when I already have them at home.
  13. So this is a stupid question but what bag did you use for the Oh Shit Kits, or where did you get them? I like the presentation and wondering how I can duplicate. I have seen lots of BDW brides do this and have always wondered how. ohshitkitlabel.docx
  14. I don't have pics BUT I bought convertible dresses for my BM from www.henkaa.com and they love them. My BMs are all different sizes yet kinda short so I wanted something that each one would enjoy and not get too hot in. One of the things that I did prior to purchase is to get the fabric of the color you want. What you see on line is different from what you get. Also look at the fabric from the competitor. I chose henkaa because it was nearly identical to the two birds dresses. (two birds are $200 or more a dress). I hope this helps.
  15. Don't worry I did the same thing a few months ago. I believe you really miss out if you don't.
  16. Thanks for the info kwaller82. I am also interested to get the info on the other company reg. the chairs. PM when you have the info.
  17. I did my wedding website through wedding wire. It was easy to make and it looked really professional. Everyone that has gone on the website always comment that they like it.
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