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  1. Hello!! I have 8 extra travel mugs perfect for your OOT gift bags (from discountmugs.com) - ST88 purple and stainless steel. *BLANK no personalization* Selling for $25 USD + shipping (OBO) EXTRA BONUS ITEMS if purchased: I also have 5 extra first aid kit cases (labeled 'For better or for worse, in sickness and in health') with a few items included inside (bandages, antibacterial gel, etc) + 3 luggage/badge tags + black lanyard. See pics below. *SHIPPING COSTS EXTRA *PAYMENT VIA PAYPAL ONLY Please PM me if interested.
  2. Hi Joe, For you, and anyone else who might be interested in getting wedding invites done, please contact Anthony who is located in Ontario Canada, (email good_yes@yahoo.com) with any requests. Unfortunately I haven't been checking this thread often enough so I thought I would just share this for any future brides/grooms. My cousins welcome any new business! ps - They can do a lot more than just passport invitations! They can make anything from bridal/wedding shower invites, traditional wedding invites, thank you cards, and even wedding programs and dinner menus!!
  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I've just sent you a PM with all the final details for shipping and payment, please get back to me when you can
  4. Thanks for replying in the forum - I didn't realize that you had to have a certain number of posts or a status level to have unlimited responses in a private message. I also assume that $600 is your highest and final offer, so if Christie (bride above) is willing to offer more, are you willing to let the dress go? I hate to go back and forth and don't want it to get so complicated, I didn't anticipate multiple offers at the same time to be honest!
  5. Kim - you can see pictures of the Decameron on this thread http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/57289/royal-decameron-panama/50
  6. Hi Christie, That's weird!! I've just sent you an email - please check your junk mail just in case!! Hope to hear from you soon
  7. Yes it is still available if you are seriously interested!
  8. Yes it is.... I did have one potential buyer who backed out earlier this month
  9. Hi Cynlee143 The dress is from the 2010-2011 collection
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