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  1. Ladies! Karla is no longer with iberostar!?! I received an email from Ivan on Monday that he is personally taking over, but we were in the middle of finalizing a bunch of details and while he introduced himself and answered a pretty old email that's all we've heard from him. Yikes, we leave two weeks from Monday I'm trying to relax about it and think he must be swamped! Hannah, that is awful what happened to your brother!! Your wedding pics looked phenomenal though!! My aunt actually had a stroke the day after my shower and ended up passing away, and iberostar was not very compassionate at all about refunding her stay. I can understand she did not purchase travel insurance, but as far as the hotel room, she was going to be the third person in the room.. It is still being occupied by my two cousins so they were not losing much at all. They did end up refunding with some arguing, but it was such a sad time and I felt like they weren't real concerned with our happiness!
  2. I saw some Just 4 U dresses at houseofbrides.com. Hope one of them is the dress you're looking for!
  3. my dress is by marisa and ever since I ordered I have been searching everywhere for an online photo! Sooo frustrating!
  4. Congratulations Hanna!! Thank you for all the great info.. I am definitely telling my guests about adding international texting so they can find each other! Also I was going to add that last time we were in Riviera Maya we added the skype app on our iphones, (My fiance thought of it) if you buy minutes before you leave you can make phone calls anywhere wifi is available. It might be helpful if anyone has guests who will be needing to call home often! Does anyone know the specifics about the dress code in the restaurants? I heard trousers and shirts with sleeves for men.. wondering if that means kids too? I've been a maniac all over this site downloading templates.. more than I need or will even have time to do! Sooo many great ideas:))
  5. Hi girls. Is it 4 days you have to be there to be married legally?? I'm there Tuesday and my wedding is on a Friday and Karla (the wc) didn't have a problem with it. Kelly- did you find out about the kids meals? Karla told me they have them and when we arrive just tell her how many are needed. Hannah congrats on getting the Mexican restaurant! It sounds perfect:) I'm really sorry about your friend I'm glad to hear he is going to be ok. I know how everyone is feeling about the packages! I just upgraded and now everyone going is like "oh don't do all that it's all inclusive- we can find drinks!" Ay ay ay.. I'm also not going to use the salon stuff included and the 30$ instead of $20 for 40+ extra people is killer. Oh well here's hoping I only do this once!!
  6. I love the mikaella!!! I wish I saw it before I ordered mine:) it's beautiful on you!
  7. As far as DJ doremixx I had to email a few times to hear back initially, but that was before I booked him.. haven't tried recently. Question for the summer brides.. Are you guys on the beach for the ceremony?? I had thought we still wanted the beach.. it is a short ceremony and ours isn't until 5pm.. but that gazebo looks gorgeous too! I see a lot of weddings are coming up! Best of luck everybody!!
  8. My mom is wearing a Bari Jay gown style 232 (actually a bridesmaid dress:) in light blue. It's long chiffon with a vneck and covered shoulders. The V is pretty deep but they can fix that easily!
  9. As far as the rehearsal, you pick the restaurant and it takes away from an alotted dinner reso for everyone there. If you have more than 25 at the dinner you need to do a set menu. You pick 6:30 or 8pm. The choice of restaurants was in an email I got from Karla awhile back. That's about all I know I need to email Karla too! Good luck!
  10. Congrats on getting married! Also I hope your fiance is still doing great!
  11. I was wondering how to personalize the ceremony as well but I haven't emailed Karla yet. My fiance has an 8 year old son and we'd like to do the sand vase or a frame with three colors ( I saw on the knot you can buy three:)), where he pours sand in as well. I decided to bring a photographer from chicago to our wedding because of the outrageous fee. Unfortunately she is not coming for travel expenses only:( but she made a good enough deal that I was willing since it avoids the day passes and outside photographer fee. Is everyone doing the rehearsal dinner? Do you know how long the actual rehearsal takes.. because I think we'll do the welcome cocktail hour after the dinner with the rest of the group. Thanks Erin for letting me know about the cocktail hour before the reception! I was a little worried about all the upgrades on top of the dreams package:)
  12. We just upgraded to the mac daddy package:) I emailed Karla about what flowers were included specifically and she said one centerpiece, 3 arrangements for the arch if on the beach, or 2 large arrangements for the gazebo.. Plus your bouquet and your grooms boutinire(sp?). I love the welcome reception and the cocktail hour before the reception, but I didn't realize the cocktail hour was champagne only. Time for more upgrades$$ I'm at the del mar so the grand could be different! Did someone say that iberostar doesn't charge vendor fees? Does that mean outside stylists and florists don't need day passes?
  13. Thank you so much! I emailed Adrian yesterday we shall see.. My wedding is the day before yours so he may be booked already too! One of my dear friends is a super- talented stylist but hasn't officially booked her trip yet so I'm sort of waiting in regards to hair.
  14. Hi Olga, would you mind sending me the contact info for the hair and makeup people? my email is amyryan921@aol.com. Thanks! Amy
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