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My Travel Booklet!

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Originally Posted by MoWife View Post
Hi Girls!

I know I mentioned in other threads the travel booklet I was working on to send to all my guests. I included all kinds of information about air travel, transfers, Jamaica in general, things to do in Ocho Rios, and info on our resort. Many of you were interested in seeing a copy of this. I was going to mail hard copies to the girls that asked for them but I'm a procrastinator and a lot of girls asked for them so what I did instead was transferred most of the information into a Microsoft Word document so that I could post it here. There are some pages missing, but they are pages that I got directly from websites and printed out. For example, after the page on air travel I inserted a page from the FAA's website that had a list of all items that are not allowed to be carried on the plane and a page regarding the new restrictions on liquids in carry-ons. After the page about the Riu I printed out the PDF fact sheet and map from their website and included that. And after the page about renova spa and salon I printed out their price list from the website and included that. Other than that the only thing missing is my cover, 3 day itinerary, and wedding day timeline that I made in Print Shop. But all the pertinent information that some of you may want to use yourselves is in this attachment. That way I don't have to get extra books made and mail them (1 they ended up costing more than we thought 2 I leave for Jamaica in a month and I have a ton of stuff to do). Plus this way you can edit them and use them yourselves Let me know if you have any questions.
unfortunately I am unable to view this. I myself am getting married in Jamaica and this could really be helpful could you send it to me at melbruce@gmail.com.


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Thanks for the template! I'll be mailing them out to my guests, hopefully by the end of the week!


I have made the changes to reflect info for Negril, Jamaica and specifically Couples Swept Away. If anyone is interested, PM me and I will send a copy!

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