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  1. My wedding was on Friday Feb. 15th & it worked on great!! I didn't notice it was a busy day for weddings at all. It's also great for guests cuz then they can stay through the weekend if they want.
  2. chicago88

    Nathalie & Justin April 22 2008 "PICS"

    Love your pic's - you look beautiful!!
  3. chicago88

    Violence in Jamaica

    Loved it! No problems at all. I agree with everyone else. Be smart & you'll be fine.
  4. chicago88

    Junior Suite

    The junior suite has a king bed and a small sitting area with a loveseat. Our room actually had 2 double beds pushed together.
  5. chicago88

    Using Michael

    I used Michael and he was wonderful!! Here is a link to my review which includes pic's. Good Luck! http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t16164
  6. chicago88

    Renting the Disco (ROR)

    Yes, the cost of $250 covers the DJ & open bar for 2 hours.
  7. chicago88


    Congrats!! Another Riu bride - love it!! There is a ton of info on here! Let us know how we can help!
  8. chicago88

    An Introduction

    Congrats & Welcome!! Happy Planning - Jamaica is great!!
  9. chicago88

    December 08 St. John Bride- hello!

    Congrats & welcome!! Sounds like you have a lot planned so far!!!
  10. chicago88

    Riu Palace Wedding Success

    Congrats & welcome!!!!!!!!
  11. chicago88

    Hi guys! I'm new :)

    Congrats & welcome!! I was married in Jamaica but I'm sure you'll find a ton of helpful info on here!!
  12. chicago88

    Well I Did It!

    Congratulations!! That's awesome!! I'm sure it'll be great cuz it's brand new!! One major thing down!!
  13. It's very pretty & unique!! I haven't seen anything like it.
  14. chicago88

    BM Bags

    Super cute - and only $1!!