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  1. Congrats! The pics came out beautiful!!!
  2. Just an absolutely horrible situation!!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Kelly C Might be a good idea if your trying to stay in a budget. I took 4 bags of the medium size and used a few of the tiny ones. Your's came out REALLY cute!!!
  4. You are brave and it paid off..it looks awesome!
  5. AMAZING job on those! Seriously you could charge $$$ to put those together for people!
  6. WifeToBe

    to bout or not to bout??

    MY FI isn't wearing a jacket either and I've asked myself the same question. Since the bout came with my bouquet though and there was no price difference I do have one. I've told him it's completely up to him if he wants to wear it or not though.
  7. Well my topper was $8 and then I spent about $20 on the different rhinestones from artbeads.com and only like $3.50 on the glue at Hobby Lobby, so I'm hoping I like it and it will have been much cheaper then buying one done. Kelly where'd you get your rhinestones and how many bags did you need to do it?
  8. WifeToBe

    After TA stole our money, NO GUEST

    My prayers are with you!
  9. Awesome pics!!! They're priceless!
  10. WifeToBe

    Texas Newbie!

    Welcome and happy planning! You'll find so much useful info here!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by akittrell WOO HOO!!! It's official! We booked our DW yesterday with Sandals Whitehouse in Jamaica! Woohoo!!! Congratulations!!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by AmandaR We just found out that our Wedding DVD should be arriving today, providing DH is home in time to sign for it! They sent us a web stream so we could "approve" before they sent it out, so that was nice. I remember how breezy it was the day we got married, but it looks like a storm is about to blow up in the video! I think we were too in the moment to really notice. What was your opinion on the quality of the video they did?
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Jen5372 Thanks for the info. I would have no idea how to doit. I keep finding more ideas and I want more things ( ie cake topper) but our budget is run dry and Im trying to find cheap things and Im so stressed. I havent been stressed too bad until now!! Ughhhh money buys happiness in my opinion-well at leats it buys what ya want for your wedding when you are a bad DIYer! LOL Well we'll see how mine turns out. Not necessarily going to be good.... haha I'll post a pic when it's done though.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by Kristy! I'm getting married at Pigeon Island, so I was hoping to go somewhere else. I'll probably find some little cove or something while I'm down there and shouldn't worry about it ahead of time. Definitely let me know if you see any good spots though! I definitely will!
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by Jen5372 Where did you get a light up one? Also-I do like the mongram idea-if Iorder one-how do I "bling it? What do I buy? Do I hotglue? How did you guys do it?? Im running out of time-just ordered the cake yesterday since my MIL said she would pay! Thank god I haven't done mine yet, but I have bought a certain glue specifically for gluing the swarovksi rhinestones and of course the rhinestones themselves. I used Beads & Jewelry Supplies : Artbeads.com, Swarovski Beads, Glass Beads, Swarovski Crystals, Jewelry Supplies, Charms, Alphabet Beads, Seed Beads, Findings to get my decorating supplies.