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  1. Great news...we got the house!!! We close in just 5 weeks, so there's a lot to do!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Erica053009 I am confused too on how we let the state/city know we are married and is it legal in the US? Marriages in Jamaica are legal in the US. There's no need to register your marriage in the city/state. Your marriage is recorded in Jamaica. To help set your mind at ease, you could always have a civil ceremony here in the U.S. either before or after your Jamaican wedding to make sure all your bases are covered. We had a civil ceremony here before our actual wedding because DH lost his job and needed to be on my insurance ASAP. When we got our marr
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by LOTTALUV92 Thank you for the information, very helpful to me. how about when i file income taxes? Do you mean how to document your name change for tax purposes? I think that changing your name on your SSC and at your job so that your name is correct on your W-2 would suffice. At least I hope so, since that is all that I did!
  4. We took the plunge last night and made an offer on an adorable 3 bed/1 bath townhouse that is move-in ready! We think we have a pretty good offer out -full asking price, plus $5k in closing and we want the washer/dryer/fridge included in the sale. We're supposed to hear back by the end of the day today, so I'm sure I won't be able to eat or fully enjoy the holiday!
  5. Welcome back! I'm so excited to hear that you guys had an awesome time! BTW - were you wearing hot pink sandals in your wedding pics? I love them!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by opivy143 Hi Everyone! Im new to this site and unfortunately finding it a little late Im getting married next Saturday (8/30/0 at the Sandals Regency La Toc in St Lucia. It looks like Im the only one here at that resort. Either way, If any of you have any last minute advice and/or tips Im all ears! I hope to come back and have all kinds of helpful infomation for all of you as well! Heather Welcome Heather! Your wedding is right around the corner, you must be so excited! I was married at SGOR, so I don't have specific advice for your resort, but I
  7. I'm so glad to hear that you only got one night of rain! I can't wait until you post pics and more info about your wedding!
  8. I just wanted to share with you ladies that on Monday I am popping my last car loan payment in the mail! It will be such a relief to have one last bill to pay each month, and it's more $$$ to roll over into our student loan payments. This last payment is a big one - $2500, so the credit union will be thrilled I'm sure. This is a big deal for me because my car was my first purchase on my own.
  9. I used to think Tarot Cards were pretty cool until I drew the Death card and my hairdryer flew across the bathroom a few minutes later. Needless to say, those cards are now history. I ticked off somebody.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Clussy75 I recently have been going through interviews myself and I kept it at thank you emails, especially just after a phone interview. I know it's good etiquette to send a hand written thank you card after in person interviews but I didn't actually do that in my last round of interviews and thankfully it all worked out well with an offer coming through. Do most people do hand written thank you's now? Good luck with this job! I've done both handwritten and email Thank You's and have been successful with both when interviewing for jobs. On the ot
  11. I'm so excited - our wedding dvd is being sent via DHL tomorrow, and we should receive it by Friday! Our wedding was back in May, and we were told it would take about 6 weeks for the dvd to arrive. Long story short, more than 6 weeks went by and no video. After sending an email, we received webstreams and approved the video, but nothing was ever sent. I spoke with someone just the other evening, and because of the delay they are sending us an additional copy of the dvd AND 50 webstreams free of charge. I would like to mention that Suzette, our WC at SGOR, was incredibly helpful with us t
  12. Hi ladies, Have any of you ever went back to work for a former employer? I ask because this is a serious consideration for me right now. For a variety of reasons I am unhappy with my new job and know that I made a HUGE mistake in leaving my last employer. Luckily, I emailed my former supervisor and it turns out they would love to have me return and are working out the logistics. If everything works out, I'll be back to just a 10 min commute every morning and won't have to pay tolls! It will mean a paycut and a lower position than I left with, but at this point it seems like a terrific vi
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Melissa G Darma booked all of our hair appointments for us and confirmed the times. We did have to pay up front to confirm the time slot available. After I paid she gave me a receipt through email and I intend on printing it out and taking it with me so no-one will have any questions. For all the brides who had their hair done at Sandals did you pay upfront? We paid upfront for EVERYTHING. If they don't request payment, or you know you didn't pay for something, make sure you do because otherwise it's likely not to be booked for you. This happened
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by bridget917 Question for you ladies that have been married at SGOR already--we are doing the one hour hot/cold hor d'ouvre reception. We're not paying for any extra entertainment like steel drum band, dj, etc. Was there a cd player accessible so that we could bring our own music to play "in the background"? Also, Darma mentioned something on the phone about sending me pictures of reception sites...I knew we picked our wedding location, but do you actually pick your reception site as well? Thanks We did the one hour hot/cold hor d'ouvre reception and didn't
  15. I just wanted to share that our Jamaican Marriage License is now in our hands! We were married May 21, so it took right around 8 weeks for us to receive it. I was thinking that the Jamaican license wouldn't go through because we were technically married in the states before our DW and didn't tell the WC to avoid any confusion or added fees. So now we're doubly married. As an FYI to Jamaican brides married at Sandals specifically - the marriage license is sent via UPS and you have to sign for it. If you're like DH and I and never home during the day, you'll have to make a trip to the UPS
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