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  1. Hi i read your thread and i camed to the conclusion.... At some point in your your life you have to put yourself first. If you continue to please everyone but yourself ...you will always be unhappy. This is your wedding and if only you and your fiance is the only ones there , then so be it. Its all about the two of you. You can always later on have a family get together after the wedding introducing yourselves as mr. And mrs. My own sister didnt come to my wedding,in jamaica, nor did my dad, yes i was pist, but you know what it was there lost, when they saw my pictures and how much fun we all had , they regreted not going . Oh well, the only people on my end of the family who did attend was my son and my mom,& daughter & my best friend. That was all i needed. My sister is very selfish too ,she feels the light has to always shine on her, not this time lights out girl lol. But anyway i hope this eases your mind a little. Good luck im sure you would make the right decisions, follow your heart it will lead you right.

    Paperwork gone & 3 months left.

    My suggestion to this question is.. Go to your local supreme court house and have you documents notarized there and have federal express mail your documents , this is what i did. When i sent my documents through regular mail they didnt receive it and it was two weeks before my wedding. So i had to put a rush on it, and go through fedex. Also you are to send your documents 30 days prior to your wedding date
  3. i had my girlfriend who is a travel agent put my trip together,,,
  4. awww! i feel you pain, perhaps you can plan your wedding after income tax time , and have a payment plan for everyone through your travel agent, if people start now it should work out for you , or have people open an vacation club with there bank. my travel agent helped me plan my destination wedding , she kept looking for airfare sells and then call me and leave a deposit, then she scouts around for resort specials. when i went to jamaica in august for my wedding for six days and five nights all inclusive was 1100.00 per person which was an excellant deal, just about everyone jumped on it. the only person who didnt make it to my wedding was my sister thats a whole another story with her,,, if you need a travel agent to help you out let me know... also you can do a flyer with payment break down for each month up till the last month before your wedding ,, in my opinion if family really want to be there they will find a way to make it. me and my husband said people who dont come miss out its about what you want , when we were planning it was costing more to plan in the states, i mean it was getting up there in price, a wedding , honeymoon and vacation wrap up in one .. good luck i hope you come to a solution. remember your happiness comes first.

    We're Set! ROR!!

    your well on your way, happy planning and good luck
  6. have your travel agent call chandlyn to see whats going on, its free for them to call, hope all is well in baton rouge my family is in new orleans, they all had to evacuate. dont worry everything should be fine

    Hi! I'm new!

    Hi welcome aboard, this is a very helpful forum the best and enjoy and good luck with planning. also go the website of trip advisor to look into the different hotels and resort to determine where you would like to hold your wedding , there you can read other people's reviews ....
  8. Thanks for the information on all the process of name changes

    My Marriage Certificate Whats Next

    Thank you for the information, very helpful to me. how about when i file income taxes?
  10. LOTTALUV92

    Anyone need anything????

    Hi All I Just Came Back From Riu Jamaica, I Had A Wonderful Time With My Family,a Few Flaws Here And There. My Wedding Was Beautiful, We Did A Few Excursions,the Atv Was A Lot Of Fun It Cost Us Approximately 69.00, If You Go With A Large Group They Take Off 5.00 Per-person.we Also Did Dunns River Falls Oh Gosh My That Was Great,the Price For That Is 39.00,well Worth It Just Be Careful Where You Plant Your They Want You To Hold Hands While You Climb, But Is Impossible, I Needed Both Hands To Hold On To Rocks In All That Water, Bring Your Own Water Shoes Its Best. Far As The Free Wedding Thing,i Had My Free Bouquet And Matching Boutineer. I Paid 30.00 For My Brides Maid Flowers All Was Carnations And I Had Them Spray Painted To Match My Color Scheme. If You Want Other Types Of Flowers That Is Where It Gets Costly.any Extra Decorations Will Cost Including Gazebo Decor. I Had Orange Flowers Nothing Fancy .. I Would Like To Send A Picture But Havent Figured It Out How As Of Yet,....one More Thing If You Want To Swim With The Dolphin's Its About 200.00,, Its Cheaper To Swim With Them In Mexico,lol,, Becareful With Your Money There And Watch Closely Some People Will Try To Beat Or Scam You Out Of Your Money.. Im From New York So You Cant Get Over On Me.......hope This Helps Some Of You.....but I Do Have Some Complaints Which Im Writing To The Corporate Office About. I Dont Want To Discourage Anyone But Put Your Foot Down For What You Pay For.......
  11. Tropical Imaging Thank You For The Explanation, Like You Said It Is Cheaper To Pack And Bring Your Items Yourself, My Coordinator Didnt Advise Me Of The Duty Taxes, I Hope Everyone Take Head To This Forum And Learn From Experience, Again Thanks
  12. Ladies i had a wonderful wedding in the country of jamaica ocho rios riu,however none of my wedding goods came on time i sent it fedex,i tracked it to montego bay jamaica,where it sat for three days ,i spoke to chandlyn my wedding cooordinator who called for the package and said customs was holding it,after giving us the run around, someone who contracted outside of fedex delivered the the package to the resort the day of the wedding and 5 hours after the wedding was performed with all my bridemaids flip flops, my ring pillow, out of town welcome bags, decorative fans i made for souveniers,and wedding cds, on top of that they wanted to charge me $134.00 dollars for my own package, i was so upset i started to cry,first of all it wasnt sent in a timely fashion, and they opened my package and felt my wedding things was for sale so thats why they wanted to charge me for it, and i hand made these items, so you know i was at breaking point, i told them to send it back and was told they couldn't my stuff would be auctioned off.. by know i was in tears , then the guy kept changing the price of the package, at that point i fely we was being scammed, although my mother inlaw paid for the package , i felt scammed , has anyone experienced this ?? i need input and steps to get my mother inlaw her money back,,, i dont want to have this negative money grubbing vibe against this country but i think its too late....
  13. HELLO LADIES IM BACK FROM JAMAICA AS A MARRIED WOMAN MRS RUSSELL, My new question is ... do i advise my home state marriage bureau of our marriage,? if anyone has any information please inform me, so i can start changing my documents.. i have a loy of details of my wedding in my future forum,thanks.
  14. We Are Back From Jamaica And Are Officially Married, However We Spent The Night Together The Next Of Our Wedding We Went Our Separate Ways, It Was Fun Looking Around Hoping Not To Run Into Each Other At The Resort
  15. LOTTALUV92

    Mailing Documents To Jamaica

    in my opinion i would send my documents through fedex and have my documents certified, always have a back up plan, you can also have your travel agent to call chandlyn to make sure she has your documents,as i am on my way to riu jamaica, i will chat with all of you soon, good luck and happy wedding planning.