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    Receptions at the RIU??

    Quote: Originally Posted by mushkilla Hey Guys, We really want to have our dinner outside on the San Jose Terrace. Please confirm the following - can we get Steakhouse buffet dinner at the Terrace restaurant? Is there an extra charge for this? We are looking to get the Ceasar salid, beef tenderloin, etc etc. package. Also, is there room to dance on the terrace? If we pay the site fee for the private reception, I don't think our guests could sit and eat that whole time...we'd like to get some dancing in there before we head to the nightclub at 11pm. One last question - is there a bar at the San Jose Terrace? I refuse to pay for alcohol at an all inclusive restaurant!! Thanks You guys are a GREAT help! Nadia The San Jose Terrace is outside of the Mexican restaurant - thus the Mexican food menu is included. If you want steakhouse food, it is more than likely a per head price if they even will do it.
  2. sarahbrown1979

    Receptions at the RIU??

    Quote: Originally Posted by marytete1 Thank you for the wonderful insight-I'm also getting a bit frustrated! We went to Los Cabos a month ago to check out the RIU Palace and we decided that's where we want to have the wedding-we meet with Daniela and she gave us some input- But what I was wondering why do you have to pay for the Caprice package, 500.00 for the private reception (Baja), and then meals charged by per person- Can someone please explain to me, why am I paying for the Caprice package and plus meals per person-I am so confused-plus we are getting married in the Catholic church down there so we won't even be having a cermony there- Thank you Good questions! I have a few different responses - let's see if I can make this clear as mud! Receptions: All of the packages; caprice, royal, and basic include a 1 hour and 45 minute dinner at either the Steakhouse or the Mexican restaurant. This includes your meals, alcohol (beer, champagne, and wine), table and chair covers and that is it. Nothing extra (as far as the reception) NOW, if you want something for the whole evening you have 2 options. 1. You can rent out the Mexican terrace ($500) from 6:30 - 11:00. this still includes your food, alcohol (beer, wine, and champagne) and table and chair coverings. You are paying the $500 to have that space for the 4 1/2 hours. I believe you can also rent out the whole restaurant for $1800. Or 2. You can choose a private area (Baja Norte, English garden, a Ballroom, etc) for $500 plus the cost of food (because it's not in a restaurant). For instance; I had the Royal package (only 40 people), had my reception in a private area - Baja Norte - $500, and then had to pay a per person price for food. The per person price can be negotiated a little bit if the Mexican Terrace is already booked.
  3. sarahbrown1979

    Riu cabo question

    I don't think there is a service for this. I asked upon arrival and Daniella recommended some outside vendors. I ended up not needing anything done, so don't know who to recommend. Good luck!
  4. sarahbrown1979

    Alli - anyone try it?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Yari Please don't be embarrassed! The more info the better. I went to Costco and it was $66.56 there for 60 pills. What other prices have you seen it at? Was it 60mg capsules vs. 60 total capsules?...I ask because at Sam's Club I'm paying $75 for 150 capsules. I priced out Costco, too, but I don't remember them being that far off...
  5. sarahbrown1979

    Our entire wedding party has dumped us :o(

    Frustrating! I will have a glass of wine in your honor/memory tonight. Maybe two
  6. sarahbrown1979

    Alli - anyone try it?

    Alright ladies. I'm going to let this all hang out. I have taken Alli, am still taking Alli, and I love, love, love it! Have I shit my pants? Never. but, you do have to be careful about oily discharge and spotting - Sorry, I'm cringing as I write this! I started taking it last summer, so I could drop some weight to get a faster time in a triathlon, and I have taken it off and on ever since. It makes me more conscious of what I am eating, and helps me stay motivated because the results are truly amazing. These are my rules of thumb: 1. Take Vitamins 2. If you are having a high fat meal, don't take the pill. Wait until your next meal. 3. don't eat super late at night with the pill (My little spotting incident happened while sleeping). 4. For the love of god, don't go near peanut butter (my husband had an unpleasant result with this after eating 3 pb sandwiches). My esperience has been good, and I would highly recommend it. Sam's Club has the best prices... Now, excuse me while I go sit in a corner and get over my embarrasment...
  7. sarahbrown1979

    The economy is going to ruin my wedding!

    Quote: Originally Posted by LC_Rachel Lots of brides have gone through this- and it wasn't even the economy's fault. Yes it totally sucks how everything is on the rise and I totally feel for you upcoming brides. But I think it's also giving your guests more of an excuse to play with. If you search this forum, you will find that even in 2006 the brides were struggling with guests not coming for various reasons- number 1 excuse was the cost associated with a DW. Granted those that have lost jobs due to the recession can't exactly be blamed for not committing. I think the best attitude to have when planning a DW is being thankful for those that can make it, and not even think about those that can't. If you dwell on the have nots, you will spend most of your time being unhappy. As others have said, those that want to go will still make it happen. Even with things getting shitty, we are still planning trips for the next year because we still want to vacation. We will just have to cut a few corners in our budget to make it work. Well Said!
  8. sarahbrown1979

    Vent: Wedding party woes....

    Keep you chin up and remember that your wedding day is ultimately about you and your FI! I'm so sorry so many people won't be able to be there, but focus on the people that will be able to attend.
  9. I love, love, love the way the bustle lookks!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by BarefootBride Buy some Alli right now and start taking them. I promis that you will lose 5 lbs in 2 weeks. Just keep taking them and start working out. So true! I love Alli. Just don't eat it with fattening food - you'll pay - LOL!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by ErinB It just boggles my mind! It fit perfectly when I dropped it off! The gym also has a sauna so that might be an option, sweat some of it off! I'm also enforcing a strict no eating after 7pm rule and a you must eat breakfast rule. Thanks Glenda! I know it can be done, it just sucks that we have to do it! I'll be good tonight and let you know what happens in the morning! I need some sit down exercises I can do while at my computer! I still have to do programs and iteneraries for all of the guests. I had the same problem! I stopped eating at 5:00pm for a whole week before the wedding. And it worked wonders. I should probably enlist that rule now. Don't stress about it - that will compound the problem. Just be very conscious about what you eat...I agree with everyone - No alcohol, and no salt. I teach aerobics, and those two things will move mountains, and pounds...
  12. I love the eggplant color! It is so dramatic. And those dresses! your bridesmaids are going to look like movie stars!
  13. sarahbrown1979

    New Platinum Wedding in Cabo!

    Great! Thanks for the heads up!
  14. I love the one with your veil blowing in the wind. Gorgeous!
  15. You guys look great! I love how intimate the pictures feel - like there is no one else in the world except for you two.