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  1. We're off to Jamaica tomorrow morning to get married!!!! SOOOO excited!!! We'll do a review when we get back for everyone!! TTYS!
  2. That is great that you were able to visit the resort...and is is always good to hear the positive feedback
  3. I still have not heard anything from her and we fly out saturday morning!!! I understand that Chandlyn is a very busy person and if they have that many weddings she should have an assistant!! But I did get about 6 emails from Michael the photographer yesterday (a price list and a bunch of samples of his work). I have never contacted him so he must have a list of weddings and just contacts everyone himself. I dont plan on using him, I hope there will be no problems with him. Oh well, Everything will work out just fine when we get there!!
  4. we are staying in a jr suite as well...I hope we get an upgrade to the jacuzzi suite. That room looks amazing!!!!
  5. That is very early in the morning the next day...my FI would not be to happy about that either. We are not sure when we are going to do our TTD shoot yet.
  6. your welcome...good luck. Everything will work out the way you want them to
  7. I think that you can get a room upgrade with all packages. The ROR states that room upgrades are upon availability though. So if the resort is booked full than you won't get an upgrade. There is a thread titled My Ocho Rui Wedding Jan 31 08 in this forum and she had the free package and was upgraded Hope this helps
  8. thanks for the offer carly, but the questions delt with wedding reservations...just looking for confirmation from chandlyn. One question that others might be able to help me out with is what does the free beach arch look like?? I like the bamboo poles in the sand with the white sheet tied to the corners but that is an upgrade I think!
  9. yes, I have already printed off all the emails and have them ready to go. Thanks for your response
  10. We took an ATV tour last year in DR and it was a great time...would recommend this for anyone who enjoys riding!!
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