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  1. I am getting married in Jamaica and I wanted to know how many brides had their stuff shipped in advance. If you did, who did you use, how far in advance did you ship it and where and about how much did it cost? Did any of you ship vases? I am having trouble finding the size I want 14" sq or cylindrical with a 5" diameter. I would rather not ship tha vases so if any of you knows a store that sells that I would appreciate it. Thanks
  2. User Name: meltanirie Name: Melanie and Robert Location: Villa Viento - Ocho Rios Wedding: July 10 2009 in JA: 07/3/09- 07/12/09
  3. Great job you seem to have everything covered!
  4. Everthing looks amazing! Where did you get the plastic for the bag tags and what did they run you?
  5. Hypnotic with pineapple juice. Citron Vodka with white grape juice.
  6. Me and my dad are dancing to "Through the Years" by Kenny Rogers. I love that song and it makes me think of how great my Dad has been especially through the roughest patches in my life. He's always been and still is my inspiration. My favorite line from that song is. "Through the years you never had a doubt We always work things out I've learned what life's about By loving you, Through the years"
  7. Anyone know where I can locate small white plastic seashells? Preferably nautilus ones if not those then pectin or scallops will do as well? 3/4' -1' in size would be fine. I saw some at oriental trading but they wer 3"-4". Way too big. Preferably white. Thanks!
  8. I want it to be very islandy and laid back ----sexy foreign words are welcome-----not too hard to pronuounce and nothing too weddingy----I am partial to the words "Island, Breeze, Bay, Palms, Sea, Cool and Windy, but open to many ------My Wedding is in Jamaica, Ocho Rios, but I would rather not have the country name in the actual drink name----the fiancee is not Jamaican. Thanks Guys!!
  9. Here's Mine...Can't decide whether I want a seashell cake topper or one of the humorous ones with the groom trying to run away from the bride or just leave it as is. Any opinions? Attachment 2643
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  11. Everything loooks really great u did an awesome job!!!!
  12. What kind of material are they made of?
  13. What kind of material is are they made of?
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    Welcome to the forum Marlene
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