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  1. We used them at Villa Grande for both coordination & Catering and everything turned out perfectly. Patricia had great ideas for decorations showed me pictures and had everything nailed down for me. It was waayyy easier than I expected it. They really took care of all of it. I just picked colors and flowers and they had it all done. Oh and I picked my photographer.. pretty nice all in one.
  2. Hi all.. I just wanted to say thanks again to everyone who offered advice during my wedding planning. Hard to believe we've been married for six months now. I just wanted to leave a final post. My husband and I are moving to Shanghai China where his company has offered him an amazing job opportunity.. and I will likely not be checking this site much more!! This has been such a huge resource for me, and I'm convinced my wedding would not have been as great without you all. Best of luck to all!!
  3. A friend of mine got married at the Marquis and it was fabulous! Very beautiful setting and the food was phenominal! I don't know how much they paid but it was great. We only went elsewhere to be different since our weddings weren't far apart.
  4. Bradley was my photog too! I'm a big fan.. and if you need restaurant advice.. he writes reviews for mags in Cabo too!
  5. I'm so glad I saw this.. sorry I haven't been around much now that the wedding planning is over. I'd like to come too! Let me give you a definate yes or no by the end of the week. By the way.. are you talking about the big bin36? or the one on Milwaukee in Wicker Park?
  6. We honeymooned there and stayed at the Tides.. its a beautiful place and the food is phenominal. Might be worth checking out.. it was pricey though. And we loved Casa Que Canta!!
  7. We used Kustom Koozies and it worked out great.. I only ordered 45.
  8. We used Bradley too and loved him. He has a great personality and even my guests said they didn't even realize he was there. He's stealth like. He gave us the CD of every picture he snapped.. and it's been so much easier than the normal drama you go through ordering pics from the photographer. I was looking for the more photo-journalistic style and he was great.
  9. I actually wanted to use Mi Casa but they were booked out for another event the night of my rehearsal. We ended up going to Panchos. I have to say my meal wasn't very good.. but the atmosphere and the service was great and my family loved it. So maybe it was just what I ordered.
  10. Our wedding coordinator was available through our caterer.. I think it was an $1100 add on. We used Patricia with Lazy Gourmet..
  11. I bought a Maggie and mine was about 1500$ not including alterations. I didn't have many because of the corset back. But you can find them cheaper on ebay!
  12. The pictures look fantastic!! We used Bradley too.. he was fantastic!
  13. just had to post for fun.. Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley have been spotted honeymooning in Cabo. Anyone know where they're staying (stayed)?
  14. CaboDate

    I'm new!!!

    Congrats.. & Good luck planning.. Love the Westin.. stayed there our first time in Cabo!
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