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    caterer as coordinator?

    We used them at Villa Grande for both coordination & Catering and everything turned out perfectly. Patricia had great ideas for decorations showed me pictures and had everything nailed down for me. It was waayyy easier than I expected it. They really took care of all of it. I just picked colors and flowers and they had it all done. Oh and I picked my photographer.. pretty nice all in one.
  2. CaboDate

    Final Post...off to China!

    will do.. Thanks Everyone!!
  3. CaboDate

    Final Post...off to China!

    Hi all.. I just wanted to say thanks again to everyone who offered advice during my wedding planning. Hard to believe we've been married for six months now. I just wanted to leave a final post. My husband and I are moving to Shanghai China where his company has offered him an amazing job opportunity.. and I will likely not be checking this site much more!! This has been such a huge resource for me, and I'm convinced my wedding would not have been as great without you all. Best of luck to all!!
  4. CaboDate

    Marquis Los Cabos

    A friend of mine got married at the Marquis and it was fabulous! Very beautiful setting and the food was phenominal! I don't know how much they paid but it was great. We only went elsewhere to be different since our weddings weren't far apart.