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  1. Check out Mariu Paizal. My wedding co suggested her. She quoted me $120 (that may just be for hair / or makeup- not both......still waiting on the clarification) She does pro makeup for commercials, movies, ads, etc and her website was impressive. I asked if she could give me a deal for the 5 of my bridesmaids and she came down to $80 per person- again I think it would actually be $160 for hair AND makeup. I will clarify as soon as I find out. I think $400- $500 is outrageous and you shouldnt have to spend that much for just yourself- or is that Morel's day fee for everyone?
  2. Im thinking of having the rehersal dinner at Mi Casa and wondered if anyone has used this venue. I want a fun, casual, authentic mexican place. Any other suggestions? Thanks!
  3. Has anyone used Illeana at Romantic Cabo Weddings. How did everything pan out? I just got started planning my wedding with her and am having a bit of communication problem due to a language barrier.
  4. ok- I dont think it looks that bad. I bet this is one those situations where people will actually comment on " that cool mural".........but I get that you want the simple, candle-lit Carolyn Bessett-Kenedy thing going on. So I think you should have them cover PROFESSIONALLY in white sheets proir to your big day so you can know what it will look like. If you are doing it in the evening with candles I dont think the mural or the covering will be noticed much. good luck!
  5. I plan on getting married there in Oct and will definitely be aware of this. I think thats really shady. Ive kept thinking its easy to get srewed when you go by consumption and who wants to be stressing about that on their wedding day. I think Ill bring this situation up to Emma and ask her if I should be concerned. They should know that SMLs reputation is on the line and at least return your message.
  6. Hey there! I am new, but have been reading about Sunset D'Monalisa. My fiance and I just returned from Cabo to check out wedding venues and decided on this spot. Does anyone know if the pools light up at night? Floating candles? We went there for dinner and it was all dark and I thought- what a waste, it could be so beautiful! Also, how was Emma to deal with ( the food and bev director)? FYI- Emma stated that it was 13,500 for "partial buyout" and not the entire restaurant. Thanks!
  7. This is Faith & Scott and we are brand new! We were engaged a couple of months ago and plan to get married in Cabo San Lucas in October, 2008 but have no idea where. We are flying out this Friday, December 7th to meet with our WC and visit a couple of spots. A friend (of a friend) recently got married at Sunset Da Mona Lisa and raved about it. Any help that you can give would be greatly appreciated. Scott/Faith
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