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  1. Jen - I haven't been on the forum because I'm trying to survive finals ... Maura is right - we got married on March 8 and I still don't have pictures ... I have gotten a couple of teaser in the last week or so ... I completely understand your hesitancy to say anything --- I didn't want to "rush" him because I was afraid the pictures would suffer --- however, we finally broke down and voiced our frustration. He says that we'll have ours in a few days. In January, after reading some of the frustrations from brides last fall, I asked when I could expect to have the pictures. He told me that I would DEFINITELY have my pictures by April because he wasn't shooting many weddings in March and he had friends coming in ... but in the last email I got he says that he usually tells brides 3 months ... is this what you were told?
  2. Everything looks wonderful Tami! I hope that you and Tom have a wonderful time! Congratulations!!!
  3. OMG Trisha --- I am SO sorry I missed your wedding! I have been MIA since getting back because suddenly all my neglect of schoolwork has caught up with me!!! CONGRATULATIONS to you and Shawn! It sounds like you had a beautiful wedding and a wonderful time!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by lauren c. we put a metal ruler against the spot where we wanted to rip b/c i couldn't find a torn edge thing like that, and i couldn't get pre-torn paper b/c it wouldn't have fit in the bottle. took FOREVER. do ANYTHING but that... Ooops ... just read Lauren's post ---- I should note that I only had to do 40 menus ... it didn't take long ... how many are you doing?
  5. I've been MIA --- those were my menus --- I used a deckle ruler --- it was super-easy, don't be worried! I printed the menus two to a page, two. Trust me --- all you need is to practice on a couple of blank pages to get the hang of things and you'll be set. You'll pretty quickly figure out where you need to line the ruler up based on the text of the page. The ruler I used was cheap --- maybe $5. I got it at Michaels!
  6. Sorry - I'm late getting to this thread ... but for those in Dallas that might be looking - you might also consider f8 studion - www.f8studio.com - gary donihoo huy nguyen kym skiles. My girlfriend had Huy shoot her wedding - he was booked for mine. I talked with Kym about boudoir (am still working up the courage --- maybe for valentine's next year) - she's done some and loves doing it. I love both of their work.
  7. Oh Heidi! Congratulations to you and Reggie!!!!! Have a wonderful time!!!! I can't believe your wedding is finally here ---- I know it will be wonderful!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by ladygrey We are thinking of our rehearsal dinner at Panchos...the group rate is pricey though...anyone had a group dinner here and was the experience good/bad?? We just got married on March 8 and did our welcome dinner at Pancho's. We loved it ... the food was good and the atmosphere was fun. I was a little hesitant about the food because of some reviews that I'd read ... while it may not be the "best" in Cabo - we were pleasantly surprised. Everyone was happy with their menu selection, the appetizers were great. The only complaint was the flan was pretty mediocre. (But - I have a neighbor who blesses me with an amazing home-made flan about 2 or 3 times a year ... so I may be biased!). We had the front section for our group so we could watch people on the street. The service was great and the waitstaff was a lot of fun ... I was really happy with it!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by DougsGirl The only reason I don't want to do this is because (NO JOKE) my mom still has a stack of these (from when she married my dad) hanging out in her napkin drawer in the kitchen, mind you this is thru 3 moves, and over 35 years, divorcing my dad, and a new marriage! So I'm thinking I don't want any napkins hanging out ay my house in 35 yrs, haha! BUT, there are some very cute ones out there, and I did think about it until I remembered the ones at Mom's I had to make fun of her. Just throw them away already Hahahaha ... That's so funny! I will honestly say I did not bring any home. I only ordered 50 and we had about 35 guests ... I saved two at home before we went and the rest probably just got tossed. BUT - I did really like them!
  10. hahahaha ... SO funny --- I love Peeps, too ... which my DH always teases me about because he thinks they are gross!
  11. Leia - I would DEFINITELY recommend the art walk in San Jose - we actually didn't get to see as many of the galleries as I would have liked because our welcome dinner was on Thursday night. Basically all of the galleries stay open late and serve wine ... they are really nice and have some amazing works! Also - it's not free, but it's a pretty cheap all-day activity --- SURFING! We absolutely LOVED surfing with Costa Azul. The owner's name is Alejandro Oleo and he is wonderful. He makes surfboards and his family owns a number of shops around Mexico. He provides private lessons and we all fell in love with his operation. For $55 per person you get the board, wetsuit, and shoes plus one hour of private instruction --- the great part is that you can keep it all day. He is a great instructor - my son had a blast. Alejandro is also very safe and has an amazing ability to keep an eye on everyone ... Some of the members of our group went 3 days! You surf on the beach by Cabo Surf - so you can eat lunch there ... it is fun just spending the entire day at the beach and watching all the surfers. Costa Azul has a tent that they set up where you can leave all of your things, they also have beach chairs for you to hang out in ... Everyone on the beach was super-nice and friendly. We loved it! I'll try to think of other freebie / cheap activities!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by DougsGirl Corey! Welcome back!! Thanks Abbie! I missed you guys!
  13. Here are mine! I loved them ... I ordered them online and they were shipped directly to the hotel. They were HUGE and perfect for the beach since they were mesh ... the guests all really liked them! I think I paid $7 or $8 a piece and they were being sold in Cabo for $14 or more ... And here's when they were all filled and ready to go ... (Sorry the picture is so small ...). I got them from this website --- I don't see them posted as available right now, but if you email the owner Marcia she could tell you when she'll have more! She is WONDERFUL - so sweet --- www.mexicanwonders.com - Mexican Handcrafts for the World
  14. Hi girls! We're back and it was PERFECT! I promise the full review will be coming ... All I can say is that we had an amazing time. It was even better than I had imagined. It was wonderful to get to spend so much time with so many family and friends. We loved being at El Encanto ... we had almost the entire hotel and already friends have called and reported going through "withdrawal" from each other! It was so nice to be able to be with everyone for almost an entire week! The weather was perfect!!! I miss it terribly! Thank you all for your well-wishes and happy thoughts! I truly believe they helped - when we left on Tuesday it was snowing ... by Thursday when many of our guests were coming in from Dallas - they ended up canceling most of the flights --- BUT all of our guests were on the last plane to make it out of DFW! Here's the morning we left: Ok - I haven't had time to go through all the pics that people are sending in ... but here are just a few ... (Sorry that they are all different sizes ... I'm still a photobucket novice!) ... My kids on the sunset cruise: The chapel: I loved the bags that I ordered ... they were waiting for me at the hotel, so I was a little nervous! But the guests loved them and they were HUGE - perfect for the beach! Here's a few from the wedding day:
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