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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by calchik yup as far as i know which is why it's my ruins of choice well you girls have changed my mind. not doing the coba trip the day before the wedding and skipping the akumal beach/ bay part as well. pretty sure we collectivo to akumal if we wanted on some other day anyways. the cancunvista guy said it's only 15 mins from our resort this will be much easier for my group excursion. but now the tour guy is gone until april 1 so i won't get my quote until then. i've already told him i want just transportation and no tour guide at all. just over 5 weeks til i leave. woot! the waiting is almost over Akumal Beach is beautiful. I definitely recommend going there. Is super close to resort and an easy half day trip. We went in the morning, had a beer at the beach bar, looked in the shops and then headed back. We didn't stay at the beach because none of us wanted to drag along a change of clothes. Besides, our wristbands couldn't get us free drinks in Akumal! : )
  2. We had our reception at the Mediterranan restaurant. We were the only ones there for most of it and occupied half the restaurant. It worked out perfectly. At Coba, there was a quiet pool, the activities pool and two jacuzzi pools. All with bars. We didnt have anyone complain about taking the trolley to the beach.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Erica_Bellerive So if you stay at the Coba you can use the Gaxebo?? Thanks for the info everyone. I have to talk to my cousin who is also getting married that week to make a decision. We were offered the use of the gazebo and we stayed at Coba. We chose the palapas next to the gazebo. You can see the beach in a lot of our pictures. And then we went straight down to the beach to get photos taken. I think it depends on how many weddings there are that day and who booked first.
  4. We used Michael Maurus as our photographer. I think his website is cancun-weddingphotographer.com. Here is a link to our wedding photos. Most of them were taken by Michael. (A few were taken by my brother in law with his really fancy camera.) Picasa Web Albums - Carrie - Carrie&David'... Michael's prices were great and he was prompt with emails and information as well as punctual on the wedding day.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by JoLo908 Okay, I am really excited... As a birthday/ graduation present, my FI booked us a trip to go check out the resort in early March (yippee!) He booked the Coba section since we will be in the Tulum for our wedding, he wanted to try a something a little different but still get to check out the resort (I am still in schock... major shock)... What is the best a la cart restaurant in Coba? And if anyone wants ANY info, let me know! I am going to try to book a meeting with Jazmin to see if we can look at flowers/ things like that... anyway, let me know! So excited, he told me tonight!!!!! That's so exciting! I would definitely eat at the japanese restaurant, Mikado. Le Gourmet was good as well. I pretty much ordered steak at all of the ala cartes and it was good everywhere!
  6. You and your FI will be upgraded. The computers at Coba were in the premier lobby. If you don't have the gold bracelet, they charge you to use the computers. Depending on how many people are using the computers, they do enforce the rule. We did give out the password to friends and some were able to sneak on. There is also wireless in the Coba premier lobby that we only found out because someone tried. Apparently the computers are all connected using an unsecured wireless network. There is no computer access in the rooms. We never bothered looking into the computers at the hacienda.
  7. We stayed at Coba. We chose the beach location that is right next to the gazebo. It is the same as the ones pictured above. There are 2 beach locations that I am aware of. One is the one to the right of the gazebo (and you can see the palapas (the thached roof things) in the picture of the gazebo) and the other is down on the beach in front of Akumal. Both are pretty but the location near the gazebo is much more private. Availability depends on whether the gazebo is being used that day and at what time. It didn't seem like it mattered which resort you are staying at when choosing wedding sites. The WC has a big binder and you choose site, flowers and cake/music options when you get to the resort.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by JoLo908 We are having a huge number of people... (about 50 people are booked so far, and we are thinking maybe 60 or 65 will be there.) We are having the religious ceremony which is $1160, and are having the private mixed grill poolside reception which, with alcohol comes to $29 a head. So, how is everything all tallyed up on your bill at the end of the trip? I am assuming it all gets thrown on your credit card?(and I am going to call the credit card company the week before to tell them we are getting married down in Mex. so they do not get suspicious of fraud). I tallyed up the cost of what it is going to be to have the ceremony, and the reception, and maybe a few extras (extra flowers or something) and it comes to about $3300. I am just super scared that if they do not give you a breakdown of cost of things, that they will charge us for whatever they want!! I am freaking out... I have to try to save up some money for grad. school and was hoping to have some left over after the wedding... sorry... Any advice And we are having Claudia as our photographer for our wedding and TTD which is costing a pretty penny, but we would regret it if we didnt get good pictures!!! When you meet with the WC and figure things out. She will go over the options you selected and the cost. It is a contract that you sign. Then that goes on your room charges. It was all itemized on our bill for checkout.
  9. We had 46 people total. All we did was choose an appetizer (we went with buffet appetizers), soup and choice of 2 entrees from the menu of the restaurant we chose. We also decided to forgo the dessert choice at the restaurant and just have a bigger wedding cake at no extra charge. It was private for the first hour maybe but still felt fairly private since we took up half the restaurant. It is supposed to count as an ala carte for our guests...but it didn't. They were still able to book all the ala cartes that were included with the Apple package.
  10. The hacienda is the shopping and entertainment area of the gran bahia. It has some shops that are open during the day (and some are still open at night), plus a marketplace set up right where the tram drops you off. Good prices. Plus, there is an internet cafe (not included with AI) and after 1130pm, the discoteca is open. Before the disco opens, they have a band in the courtyard outside. And you can dance there...we did!
  11. That sucks!! I would be so pissed off. All that work and planning you did and they just blow you off? The least the could have done was called and told you they weren't coming.
  12. We didn't have any problems with the restaurants. If you have a larger group trying to make a reservation, they may make you a later time. But it seems like they were willing to accomodate and makes changes. THey may tell you your reservation is at 930p but to check back that day and see if they can change it then. Then they get on their phone and make tons of phone calls and get you in earlier. It seems like they don't really tell you no. They just make it work somehow. I would try to make reservations as soon as you can.
  13. Ooh! So pretty! Glad to hear it is comfy too! You look beautiful!
  14. Everything looks great! Love the notebook for your guests!
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