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  1. Very excited! We are leaving in 3 days and will be husband and wife in 6 days! If anyone needs info on Cabo Azul let me know!
  2. Hi ! I live in New Orleans but am getting married in Cabo. @ that I would pick from are Bebe Tran or David Tompkins..
  3. FutureMrs.Lunsford

    Headed to Cabo Azul tomorrow for site visit!

    Hi ! I am Jessica. I am getting married at Azul August 23rd! I will be picking out all of my stuff when I get down there. I will be having 15 ppl approx. I am using Gary Helland for my pictures. He is great. You must fill me in on anything you see for your visit that you like!
  4. FutureMrs.Lunsford

    Cabo Azul!

    Hi everyone! I am getting married at Cabo Azul August 23rd with Gary Helland as my photographer. He has been great. My wedding is only going to be 15 ppl so I plan on splurging on lots of things for my wedding guest. I will post a review when I return!
  5. FutureMrs.Lunsford

    Riu Palace Photographer

    Hi there! I am getting married in Cabo at Cabo Azul Resort and I am using Helland photo. www.hellandphoto.com He has been so nice. My fiance' and I love his work!
  6. FutureMrs.Lunsford

    Help with reception!

    Thanks so much everyone.... Maybe I can figure out a way to negotiate beer, wine, and margaritas... I need to get in touch with the WC and wheel and deal a bit...
  7. FutureMrs.Lunsford

    Help with reception!

    Hi everyone I am getting married at Cabo Azul in August. My question is... If I did open bar for half the reception would that be totally horrible? At this resort you pay per drink and that can get very expensive. Please give me your honest thoughts, ideas, or opinions on this! Thanks!!!!
  8. FutureMrs.Lunsford


    Hi everyone! I have ofically booked my date 8-23-08 at Cabo Azul Resort in San Jose Del Cabo. My issue is that if I have my reception at Azul it will be REALLY expensive. I found a resturant close to the resort and I could get alot more for my $$. Do resorts have issues with you having your wedding there and then a reception somewhere else?
  9. FutureMrs.Lunsford

    WTH? Ever hear of Desire Resort?

    I am have researched alot of places in Cabo on tripadvisor.com and after reading reviews on Desire I got the impression that it was for swingers or something like that! Def. scratched that place as an option...LOL
  10. FutureMrs.Lunsford

    Date officially set!

    We finally set a date and resort!!! August 23rd 2008. Cabo Azul Resort, San Jose Del Cabo Visit my wedding website Jessica & Edward's Wedding Website and Registries on WeddingChannel.com - Welcome I am soooooooo happy!!!!!!!
  11. FutureMrs.Lunsford

    Marquis Los Cabos

    Can anyone give me advice on weddings at Marquis Los Cabos?
  12. FutureMrs.Lunsford

    Cabo Azul!

    To anyone reading this... My fiance' and I really are hoping to have our wedding at Azul but there seems to be a communication problem between my travel agent and the person Grace that books the rooms for weddings. My wedding is going to be small about 20 ppl. If I do not get answers to my questions soon I guess I will have to start looking at other resorts. ANY SUGGESTIONS?? What about Marquis? Anyone know about this resort?
  13. FutureMrs.Lunsford

    Cabo Azul!

    Hi everyone! I am hoping everything goes well and Cabo Azul will be my wedding location in August! I have been in contact with Sergio and he is wonderful! My fiance' and I are in love with the resort. I have been working with a destination wedding coordinator (Elite Travel)and she is actually meeting with him in Cabo next week to work out the details Not sure how many people will be at my wedding. I think under 30. Any new pics or info anyone gets please email me! Jessieve680@yahoo.com. I will do the same for anyone!
  14. FutureMrs.Lunsford

    Cabo Azul!

    Has anyone chosen this place for their wedding? I am really thinking about it. It is BEAUTIFUL!!!
  15. FutureMrs.Lunsford

    Sandals Dunn's River!

    Anyone have info on Sandals Dunn's River weddings!! What about reception sites in Jamaica??