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  1. Hey! I did end up using John Wheatley as my DJ and steel drum band for my wedding in Jamaica last April. I would recommend using him for the steel drum band but not as a DJ. The steel drum band was great - they sounded wonderful. I had them play for about 30 minutes before I walked out, they played "here comes the bride" as I walked down the aisle and then for about 30 minutes afterwards. An hour and a half was about $400. The guests loved it! After that, the band left and John Wheatley was the "DJ." I had emailed him and talked to him on the phone several times before the wedding to make sure he had the music that I wanted and that I could hook up my iPOD to his equipment just in case. He assured me that he had tons of music and all the songs I specifically requested. Unfortunately, all he had was about 10 CD's that I had never heard of. He didn't even have any Bob Marley. I then asked him if I could hook up my iPOD and he said his equipment could not accomodate that because he didnt have the right cable (the one that hooks to the speakers). I was definitely not happy! Fortuantely, one of my guests had the iPOD cable in his room at the hotel and took a cab back to get it for me. If it weren't for my guest, there would have been several hours of horrible music! That is the one and only thing that went wrong at my wedding. The ceremony on the beach was beautiful and all my other wedding plans, arrangements, vendors, etc. turned out wonderful. Hope that helps!
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    Negril Videographers

    Great! I will check into this!
  3. I am just wondering if anyone knows of a videographer that does weddings in Negril, but is not limited to the RIU. We are staying at RIU, but getting married at another location, The Charela Inn. Please let me know or point me in the direction of a thread on here I may have missed that has info. Thank you!
  4. Oh...I forgot to mention that his name is John Wheatley aka "Fox" with Foxtrot entertainment. I asked him about the iPOD thing too...no answer yet.
  5. Who is the DJ that your WC recommend? I am looking for one too, and just the other day, I was referred to a DJ named John Wheatley who will also provide a steel drum band for our ceremony. He has not sent the music list yet though...
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    DJ in Jamaica? How are they?

    Cool! Thanks for the info!
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    DJ in Jamaica? How are they?

    Hi "mowife" - i know its been a while since the last post, but can you tell me how the steel drum band was for your ceremony? Thanks!
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    My Travel Booklet!

    Great booklet!
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    Riu Negril vs. Riu Ocho Rios

    The Charela defintely does weddings on the beach - we are getting married there is April and we went 2 weeks ago to witness a wedding on their beach. Let me know if you have any questions! Oh and the food was great too.
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    Negril Wedding Questions

    Actually its like 10 minutes (my fiance just corrected me)...The food is really good too!
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    Negril Wedding Questions

    We are staying at the RIU Negril but getting married at The Charela Inn...Both are very nice and both have great beaches. I belive you could have your party at The Charela Inn and you don't have to be staying there. Also, it is only about a 5-7 minute drive from RIU Negril.
  12. nenawedsjohn

    Hair and Make Up at the Riu!

    I was at the RIU Negril last weekend to check out the resort and to go down the street to see the place we are getting married at, The Charela Inn...Anyways, I had a trial hair run at the Renova Spa and I actually liked it and I am very picky about my hair! The only weird thing is she did my hair (half up and half down, with curls) but then she takes it down because she says "no one can see your bridal hairstyle before the wedding." So, I walked out of there with a huge head of curls and had to it myself for when I went out later that night. She did a good job though. Definitely bring pictures to help her know what you want though!
  13. nenawedsjohn

    Riu Negril vs. Riu Ocho Rios

    Hi! I am staying at the RIU Negril the week we get married in April, however, we are not getting married there. When I was researching, the WC took forever to get back to me each time I emailed her and she wouldn't even answer half my questions! So, I researched some more places in Negril and we are now getting married at The Charela Inn - just 5 minutes down on the same beach. My fiance and I went to RIU Negril last weekend to check everything out at the resort and at the Charela Inn. The RIU Negirl is very nice. The rooms were clean, the service was wonderful and the food was great. BUT, we did see weddings take place there and they are NOT private. You just have dinner and then you can walk around the resort or do the same you would any other night at the resort. There is no place for a DJ, dance floor, etc. And other people do eat at the restaurant - you just get a "section." Hope that helps!
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    My Travel Booklet!

    Thanks for the idea!
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    Cheap Canvas Totes!

    Thank you! Appreciate it!