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  1. I just had white cake and it tasted great, I don't know what the other options are. For the decorations, you can really just tell them what you want it to look like and they'll do it. I didn't bring a cake topper of my own, so I just told the florist to decorate the cake however they wanted and it was much better than anything I could have thought of!!(i used the resort's florist). If you don't have something particular that you want, I'd just tell them your colors and they'll make it pretty!!
  2. After the ceremony, we took all of our pictures. Then, we had about an hour until the reception (reception at 6:30) so we hung out at the bar and had some drinks. It truly was perfect timing. I don't suggest planning anything specific for your guests in between ceremony/reception, after all they are on vacation, let them relax!! Cake- we had about 30 guests, so we upgraded to the medium size cake for $110. It was a perfect size, but, MAKE SURE YOU TELL THE WAITSTAFF AHEAD OF TIME IF YOU WANT THEM TO SAVE THE REST OF THE CAKE FOR YOU!!!!! Really..... my mom and mom-in-law were so mad cause after the cake was served, they took it away and we didn't get to have any for the next day! You can just tell them that night during dinner or something to make sure they save it! Let me know if I can help you more!!
  3. Chicklet-- no we did not feel crowded at all. we were a little worried about that before we went b/c it was spring break time but that wasn't an issue at all!!! we had plenty of privacy at the ceremony- i will say that you'll have better privacy with the beach ceremony than you will with the gazebo for sure.
  4. this link might work..... i'll post more soon! Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket
  5. Don't forget an underwater camera if you plan on snorkeling!!
  6. Wow I didn't realize how long that was till I posted it, sorry about the rambling.
  7. We just got back on Monday from Riu Negril and our wedding was AWESOME!!!!!! I'll start from the beginning...... The trip to Montego Bay was great, the airline (Ryan International Air) was very helpful with my dress. There wasn't a closet to put it in, but I was able to reserve an entire overhead bin for the dress. There was a minor headache once we got to the resort just because check-in isn't until 2pm but we got there around noon. We would have liked to get all our stuff situated right away, but we just grabbed our swimsuits out of our bags and headed for the beach for a while. The Riu is a beautuful resort, we loved everything about it!!! We ate at Green Island (loved it!)and Shadows (by far the best food!!) a lot, the reception was on the second level of Shadows. I highly recommend Shadows over Sir Andrew. Sir Andrew was a little too formal for a reception for us cause we did a lot of dancing!!! The wedding day started with a snorkeling trip which was sooooo much fun! We had about 15 of us and it really helped me stay busy and stress free on the big day! The wedding wasn't until 4pm so we had plenty of time after the trip. The only issue I had before the ceremony was that my flower bouquet was late from the florist, so the ceremony didn't actually start until about 4:15, no big deal though. THIS IS FUNNY..... I didn't get to see it happen, but apparently once my bridesmaids walked down the aisle right before my dad walked me, there was a guy in a speedo that walked right through the ceremony without realizing where he was!!! They said he kinda paused then figured out what was going on and covered himself up real quick and left. I'm glad I didn't see that at during the ceremony, but I hope somebody got a pic of him!!! HeHe. Everything about the ceremony was beautiful, the weather was perfect! I really love the DVD that the videographer made, I suggest doing that upgrade if you have the extra room in your budget. I used True Colors Digital for my photographer and I was very pleased. I suggest trying to find some additional places to have pictures taken because they really only do two spots (beach and garden) unless you ask them to go someplace specific. The only bad part about the photography is that they make you choose all your pictures while you are still at the resort before you go home. THIS SUCKS. Instead of getting to spend our last day with all our family and friends, we were stuck picking pictures and it takes a LONG time. I suggest trying as hard a possible to get them to let you choose pictures through email later or something. In my opinion it is ridiculous to require all of that to be done before the honeymoon is even over. I can't imagine other photographers require that. Just food for thought if you are thinking of hiring someone else...... On a better note, the reception was even better that I imagined it would be!!! As I said, it was in Shadows and we the extra $1000 for a private reception- 4 hours. Well worth the money!!! I saw another reception that wasn't private and I realized how much of a difference it can make if you have a larger group. We were in the middle, with 30 guests. I had some extra candles, shells, and candies for the tables and I just gave everything to Dionne that morning and it was put out very nicely. The arrangements for the centerpieces were not exactly what I orderd but they were still beautiful. I told the florist to just do whatever they wanted with the top of the cake and it was great! We had a DJ at the reception for the full 4 hours and they were AWESOME!!!! I just used the service that Dionne suggests and Kevin was his name. I'm telling you he is AWESOME!! They were a lot of fun and I even pulled them out on the dance floor to dance with us! His job was actually fairly easy cause I had a playlist for him of a bunch of songs that I wanted played, and he did great with that too. We also paid the extra $10 per person to have a bartender. If you don't you will only have beer, wine, and soda and your guests will have to leave the resturant and go to the bar for other drinks. The bartender is WELL WORTH the money too. They were a lot of fun and everyone was very drunk and happy!!! Okay, so now the downside. Derek and I were not impressed with Dionne while we were there. She had poor communication with us and she didn't give us very good instructions when it came to the actual ceremony. We asked her about doing a rehearsal, but she said, "It's not neccessary, I will inform you of what to do on the day of." Well, she is sort-of correct..... the ceremony is pretty self explanitory (you walk down and meet in the middle!) but my BM, GM, FG, and RB were a little unsure of where to go and everything. Also, there was another ceremony that was supposed to start at 4:30 at another location on the resort, so Dionne was trying to rush us along to get down the aisle! This was quite aggrivating, it wasn't my fault the flowers were late so we took our time walking down the aisle!!!!! The other thing was that we didn't get our room upgrade that we were supposed to get. Easter weekend is a busy time because of so many people on spring break, oh well. Overall, we absolutely loved our wedding and the entire trip, and we can't wait to go back!!! I hope this update helped some of you and please if you have any questions about anything let me know, I'll be glad to help if I can!!!! I've been trying to upload some pictures on here but it keeps telling me the the upload has failed. Hummmm.... I'll keep trying.
  8. I'm leavin for Jamaica on Friday!!! I have a lot of packing left to do!! Thanks everybody for all your help! -Amy
  9. Just go to the website and you can order online. Poo~Pourri They just came out with a new scent "Royal Flush" (I think it's supposed to appeal to men)
  10. Thanks guys, I just used itunes and I think I have all of my songs again. With two days to spare! I'll be in Jamaica on Friday!!!
  11. Yes I am working with her right now, my wedding is March 22. What do you need?
  12. PC Sodria--- that's awesome! Are you finished with everything yet
  13. I just wanted to say that I tried on your dress and it was so cute! Simple and elegant!!!!
  14. Do you think they will say anything about a wedding party? I wouldn't think so, everyone in my wedding party will be in flip flops....
  15. Hey everybody, I am trying to get all my songs together to burn to CD's for my recepetion. BUT, for some reason limewire and bearshare aren't working anymore on my computer, SO I haven't been able to get most of them and time is really ticking!!! What are some good sources that you are using to get your music other than LW and BS? I need to get this stuff finished and we leave in less than a week!! any suggestions? THANKS!
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