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Vote for your favorite Candid Wedding Photo!

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Hello Best Destination Wedding members,


We are excited to announce our newest photographer contest.  As a way for our members to get to know the Best Destination Wedding feature photographers, we are having a photo contest of some of their best photos that YOU get to judge. So take a look at these beautiful pictures and VOTE in the poll below for your favorite.


This thread is the photo contest for the Candid Wedding Photos!
We will be also showcasing two different categories so be sure to go vote here as well!
Your vote matters as you will help decide which photographers will win the Best of BDW Award.
#1 Gilda Badillo
#2 Blue Lens Caribe
Blue Lens Caribe Candid.jpg
#3 Sweetfire Photography
Sweet Fire Candid.jpg
#4 Smile Market Photography

Smile market Candid.jpg




#5 Moments That Matter

Moments That Matter Candid.jpg




#6 del Sol Photography

del Sol Photography Candid.jpg




#7 Syds Designs Photography

Syds Designs Photography Candid.jpg




#8 Gonzalo Nunez

Gonzalo Nun¦âez Candid.jpg




#9 Cancun Photos

Cancun Photos Candid.jpg




#10 Caribe

Caribe Candid.jpg



Good Luck to all our great Photographers. And as always feel free to talk about what you liked about each picture in the discussion below!

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again no contest for me with this one! the caribe photo one is so lovely, i can just hear the b&g saying WE DID IT! WE PULLED OFF THE MOST AMAZING WEDDING EVER!!  to each other :) so perfect.

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There are certainly 10 phenomenal photos here but, in keeping within the Candid theme, #6 and #8 stand out the most.  #6 - a moment the B&G might've missed and #8 a moment that is so unique and fun and that will not soon be forgotten by any of their guests. For this reason, my vote is for #8!!!! Good times....

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