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  1. @@AllieH do you remember what size your paper lanterns were that you used at the reception?
  2. @@DianneP I can't see the pic Maybe it's my computer?
  3. @@KaraEbeth I would do it but I wouldn't count on many people coming. I've had a lot of people that said they would be coming back out for various reasons like redecorating their living room.
  4. @@AllieH oooh rock the frock sounds fun hmmmm
  5. @@DianneP do you think you would be able to fit a towel, cover up, sandals, and lotion in one?
  6. JenniferM

    This is it!! 150!!!

    I did it! This is actually 151! YAYA
  7. JenniferM

    Packing Wedding Supplies

    If you really want to budget but make sure everything is safe you could stop by museums or art galleries and pick up their left over shipping supplies. They have a vast array of foams that they will be throwing out after it transported the artwork. My fiance works at a gallery so we have quite a bit of foam saved up. We will package everything then distribute it to friends and family to help us bring down.
  8. JenniferM

    Any Brides Getting honeymooning seperately from DW location?

    We figured hanging out with family and friends wouldn't be much of a honeymoon so we are going to Japan a year after we get married. We wanted to do 6 months but it's not in the budget. Now it will be an early (by 2 weeks) anniversary honeymoon thingy.
  9. JenniferM

    Have you won anything for your wedding?

    That's awesome. I haven't won anything yet but I'm still waiting on a couple.
  10. @@jwalsh That's perfect there's a dollar tree by me too. I'll have to check out davetdesigns this weekend Thanks!
  11. @@AllieH Cool. I'm so glad we'll be getting there early. That's awesome! Everyone I've talked to who has been there says it's like heaven
  12. @ OOOOHHH I really like these! I love how the main compartment zips closed so you don't need to worry about anything falling out and getting dirty. I might order these instead of the regular beach bags. Thanks!
  13. @@AllieH Thanks! I originally thought it would be too much for El Dorado but I don't care. I love it too much. I'm sad I only get to wear it the one day Maybe we can have an AHR
  14. JenniferM

    How fast can we newbies reach 150????!!

    I know I'm so excited! I'll finally have access to open templates only 2.5 months before my wedding lol
  15. The tumblers you found at the dollar store, are they insulated and with straws? Also, where did you get your stickers?