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  1. We used Cancun Studios for our wedding and Trash the Dress photos and we had a great experience! Agustin and Jill and their son really made us feel comfortable throughout the whole process and made sure we had towels and water when the heat became overwhelming (often!). We love the pictures we have seen so far and can't wait to see them all!
  2. I got the cups at oriental trading, then cut out various scrapbook patterns and added our monogram and name stickers 😃
  3. I got the logo done on Etsy by questionabledomestik for $5. It was a great deal! Then I just uploaded the logo onto Vistaprint. Once you have uploaded the logo, you can use it for everything and you only pay the upload fee once. I got circular stickers (big and small) so I could put it on everything.
  4. I saw Emergen C at GNC this wkd for $13.49. If you have the gold card, it's $10.
  5. I got the wet bathing suit bags at the store itself. They have them behind the counter, you just have to ask, they are $1.95. I got the brochures for free from one of the vistaprint emails, just paid for shipping. I think I created it on the website and then got an email within the wek offering it to me for free 😉
  6. We have a small group, so I only had to make 7 (14 couples) plus the one for the boys. And I'm using some of the same items for the gift for our concierge ladies at the resort who have been awesome so far. We will give them out down there as ppl arrive. We are not all on the same flight so we have a chance to greet ppl when they get there. They cost about $18-20 each, including the survival kits.
  7. The Wedding Week Survival Kit Contains: Kleenex Chapstick Burt's Bees Moisurizer Tums Tide travel pack Gum Emery board Pill bottle filled with Imodium, Pepto bismol and advil Band-aids Emergen C Nail Polisher remover pad
  8. In the adults bags: Personalized Notebooks (Vistaprint) Room key holders (Vistaprint, oriental trading) Personalized travel mugs (Oriental Trading) Personalized container with Jelly Bellies (Vistaprint, $ store) Welcome Brochure (VistaPrint) Spanish basics (free online) Wedding Week Survival kit Wet Bathing suit Bag (La Vie En Rose) Pashmina (Ebay) Fan (Another BDW Bride) Post its Aloe Vera Drinks to Try (Vistaprint) The brochure
  9. I finally got the bags completed. I've done two types of bags. The first one is for the adults and the second one is for my 8 year old nephews who will be the ring bearers. I got the bags when we were at the resort in November (when we got engaged). In the boys' bag: Snorkel set for each of them (Walmart) 2 car themed t-shirts T-shirts for wedding pics that say "Ring Security" and their name (all vistaprint) Personalized Notebooks (Vistaprint) Turquoise waterguns & handcuffs (Party Packagers) Flip Flop keychains 2 underwater cameras (Ebay) 2 "Cars" pens ($ store), Bakugan pen Spiderman bandaids ($ store) Room key holders Vistaprint, oriental trading) Personalized travel mugs (Oriental Trading) Travel Connect 4 (Party Packagers) Whoppie cushion (Party Packagers) Gross songs CD (Party Packagers) Scavenger Hunt (made it up myself) Gum Personalized container with Jelly Bellies (Vistaprint, $ store) Welcome Brouchure (VistaPrint) Spanish basics (free online)
  10. That's a cute idea. Unfortunately, my parents aren't "hanky" kind of people. I am getting them the family tree from Hallmark: http://www.hallmark.com/online/in-stores/gifts/family-tree.aspx and putting pics of our family on it from the wedding. It can be added to once we have children
  11. Hi Ladies, I can see that there are no openings for June of this year so I was wondering where you purchased your starfishes? I have been able to find smaller ones but I really like the bigger ones you have. Thx!
  12. Compliments (Fresh Co etc) has clear ziplocs. Emergen C comes in a box of 30 individual packets at Winners/Marshalls/Homesense.
  13. Here is a list of what I put in them: Tissues: 10 for $10 (.10 each) - Dollarama Gum: $0.67 - Dollarama Emergen C (2): 30 for $16.99 ($1.13 for 2) - Winners Tide packet: 3 for $1.49 ($.50 each) - Shopper's Drug Mart Bandaids (5): 30 for $1 ($0.17 for 5) - Dollarama Tums: 3 for $2.12 ($0.71 for 1) - Walmart Nail Polish Remover pad: 6 for $4.79 ($.80 for 1) - SDM Nail File: 24 for $1 ($0.04 for 1) - Dollarama Chapstick: put address label from Vistaprint on it that says "Pucker up for "Besas" - Kisses in Espanol - free from dentist (we have been collecting for mths...lol) Burt's Bees moisturizer sample: free from Burt's Bees Aloe: $2 - Dollarama Pill bottle filled with blister packs of Gravol, Immodium and Advil. Instruction label was printed with Vistaprint. Free bottles and meds as my friend is a pharmacy tech and she was able to get bottles and sample packs for me. Total cost per survival kit: $5.45
  14. I finally finished our survival kits for the OOT bags! Very excited that they are finally done. Made sure I sealed them so I can't keep adding stuff...LOL. I forgot to show the nail polish remover wipes and the tums....
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