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  1. Yes I was the bride that my signaturedid not match my passport. We had to pay $60 to have judge come back for us to resign.
  2. Bags are from Jessica at the stylish scribe. She did my invitations, place cards, and bags. She was great to work with but stays super busy. The bags are alittle thin but everyone loved them. She was a destination bride that did all of her stuff DIY and then turned it in to a business. Here is a pic of my bag.
  3. Yes I did but small. I did canvas bags with 2 maracas on it and playa Mujeres, Mexico 2013 in blue and lime green. Inside we did a beach ball, deck of cards shaped like a flip flop, candy bags, sunscreen, ibuprofen, and a bag of q-tips tied with lime green ribbon.
  4. My bridesmaids dresses were blue and then ribbons were lime green. I love color so I added more color at reception with maracas. The menu just had a calla Lilly as border which I used those as my flowers. I uploaded a pic for you. The dinner and dancing was 3 hrs. Try not to stress over it it will all turn out beautiful. When you get closer to your wedding you will get a planner that has everything detailed out. You will also sit down with coordinator to discuss all of your choices once your at resort. We had also never been to the resort this blog and pictures helped me tremendously snd one reason I did destination is for less stress, but if your not careful you can make it very stressful. Also when you email your coordinator just know it will most likely take several days to get a response, but once it's your turn and your day you have all of there attention.
  5. We had ours at the CECO terrace with 20 people and it was perfect. We did the included 3 hr dinner/reception with an iPod doc. My husband created 2 playlist one for dinner and one for dance music. The 3 hrs fly by. For decoration we purchased maracas on Amos.com for each place setting with alittle card that said shake to see the groom kiss his bride. Everyone loved them! We did 2 per person but you could totally do 1 per person. I had place cards made and Llenny made the menu card. I also purchased table runners in lime green from Llenny for each table. I'll post pics when I get them.
  6. I had my makeup and hair done at the salon and they did a fabulous job. All of my bridesmaids did as well. They primarily use Mac makeup.
  7. My husband and I were married at EPM on Friday and everything was beautiful!! There is no need to worry. The resort is amazing and the staff are all so nice!!!!
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