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Bryan Valiant

Aloha looking forward to fun in the sun

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Aloha all!


What a cool site. I was turned onto this site by the wonderful and talented Robyn Mumford who Iâ€m flying down from Canada to Seattle to shoot two weddings this coming weekend with me. My wife of 4 years, Melody is usually my second shooter, but as she is 7 ½ months pregnant sheâ€s getting a little big to be photographing and schlepping gear all day. Our daughter Zoe is due in November (thank god itâ€s a girl)!


A little about myself. My mother was a professional photographer and my father was a doctor. Whenever a bride is about to get into her dress, I always say “donâ€t worry, my father is a doctor.†? I shot my first wedding at 17 and I got a full scholarship to the San Francisco Art Institute. Where I shot tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of pictures. . . . . .isnâ€t cinematography wonderful. Iâ€m jazzed about shooting in fun and warm places. Check my work out, I can be conservative, but my nature is more funky hell itâ€s down right funkadelic. . . . Iâ€m bringing sexy back!


Bryan Valiant


Also check out our Amazing Blog


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