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  1. I recently have been going through interviews myself and I kept it at thank you emails, especially just after a phone interview. I know it's good etiquette to send a hand written thank you card after in person interviews but I didn't actually do that in my last round of interviews and thankfully it all worked out well with an offer coming through. Do most people do hand written thank you's now? Good luck with this job!
  2. We had our MOH take care of turning it on at the reception (while we were taking beach pics) and she turned it down and then up as we'd pause for toasts and such. It worked for us and it was significantly less than a dj but some bigger groups (we were a group of 32) may prefer a DJ to hype up the crowd and have more tracks upon request.
  3. Gorgeous pics! I loved the one of your DH w/tears rolling down his face. That totally got me. Congratulations! You truly looked beautiful on your wedding day and it was captured really well.
  4. Great pictures! Congratulations on the vow renewal and great choice for the setting! We agreed that we're also going back to Cabo for our vow renewal ((knocking on wood)) in years to come. How many years have you been married?
  5. These really are amazing engagement pictures! The photographer has a great eye for stunning shots and you both look gorgeous and so in love. Congratulations!
  6. We got lucky and got one at the local Best Buy 2 days ago (they're marked up EVERYWHERE else online that has it available so we were about to just overpay for one, phew) and let me tell you all, it really DOES work your arms and shoulders. After playing a few rounds of boxing w/DH all day yesterday (and winning, woot!) I could barely lift my arms to get in and out of a tee shirt. That boxing game is no joke. So much fun too! You can take a fitness test (w/the sports package that usually comes standard w/the Wii consolee) every day and see how you improve at each different sports game so it motivates you to come back to see improvement. We can't wait to get the Wii Fit but like many of you have pointed out, it's sold out at lots of places so you have to just call around on a regular to check availability. I'd go play now w/DH but seriously, my arms are done till tomorrow. :-)
  7. OMG, these pics are really great and you and your new hubby make a gorgeous couple! You all are really natural looking in front of the camera too. Combine that w/an obviously really good photog and your pics came out amazing. Congrats!
  8. Wow, very hot! He is going to absolutely LOVE these pics and you'll have these for you to look at when you're having a 'meh' day too. Good on you!
  9. Great pics! That 3rd one is an absolutely gorgeous pic of you two! Congratulations!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by salomeh Claudia your pictures are awesome! Thanks for sharing. Did she create the slide show for you or did you do it? I love it! Thanks! I love them. She created that slide show and had it put up on a free site. We have the slide show on disc but I can't figure out how to upload it to a site to share in the better quality which it was delivered. I can't stress enough what a pleasure she is to work with.
  11. Congrats on getting two big items checked off on your list. We used Gilda as well last November and loved her. She was very professional and so so sweet. The pictures turned out great and the coffee table book is absolutely gorgeous. I have a slide show of some pictures but it's such a compressed file that you can't really appreciate the quality of the clear pics but at least gives you and idea if you would like to see it. Again, congratulations!!!
  12. A group of us did the Dolphin Encounter for $85 and honestly, it was a blast. We got about 30 min w/Richo the dolphin and of course the trainer and we went through kissing the dolphin, dancing w/him, petting him, feeding him via our mouths (not my idea of good tasting sushi) and the trainer had him do flips for us and all that good stuff. We all went in on getting the disc of pictures and the DVD of the encounter, otherwise it would have been a fortune to do individually. All in all, the Encounter was GREAT and so very worth it to me and I have about 80 pics from that day on disc. Good stuff! We got our reservations through the concierge a couple days before hand.
  13. Welcome to the forum and congrats on the engagement! Happy Planning!
  14. I've been looking for a camera for a while now, to get a bit further in on the photography fun w/out needing too much learning and have been eying the Canon Powershot G9. It's not the prettiest thing ever (not that that matters if performance is there, right?) but it's a bit easier to lug around and has all a LOT of the manual controls of an SLR but the option to have them automatically set as well (for novices like me). I like that it has twice the optical zoom than most point and shoot cameras do but with the advantage of the convenient size and the image stabilization feature I want. As a gee whiz feature, it's got the color accent feature as well. yay! This one's $499 so it's not as painful on the pocket as some other ones that tease me every time I walk by the dslr display at Best Buy.
  15. OMG! That video rocks! I've never seen a wedding party with as much dancing and GOOD dancers at that! I was cracking up at the more bold dancing and loving how EVERYONE seemed to have gotten up out of their seats! Priceless!
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