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  1. Where did you find the cookbook Morgan. I think I would be more interested in that since I find it hard to come up with ideas on healthy meals Sarah
  2. I am a Respiratory Therapist at St. Josephs Hospital in Hamilton. There seems to be lots of health care workers on here! Ellispse 22 (sorry I dont know your first name) Have you ever thought of going to a Naturalpathic Dr. They can probably recommend some homoepathic and natural remedies for your daughter? Hope everything goes well with your daughter Sarah
  3. She is adorable! I love her colour! Sarah
  4. Eating organic is more expensive there is no doubt about it, however, I was told that regular produce contains very little nutrients b/c of all the chemicals and pestsides added to them and the soil. This is something that really sticks in my head. I guess we waste alot less food now awell b/c it can be expensive. I really try to plan out all our meals and buy only what we need for the week. Sarah
  5. Great Story! Thanks for sharing and I am so happy you are enjoying motherhood! Sarah
  6. Thats awsome Edyta, it sounds very like a really neat place! I will definately try it you. Are you back in Toronto now? I will let you know when I am going it would be great to meet you! Take care Sarah
  7. Welcome and congrats Sarah
  8. Wow glad the baby is healthy Sarah
  9. Welcome and congrats! Sarah
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