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  1. Welcome to the forum! Ive only just booked our wedding at Dreams Cancun and so far its going well. We've set the date for July next year so gives us 1 year to plan and get sorted. Happy planning and deciding! xx
  2. Hi there, Im getting married at Dreams Cancun too, but July 2009. 1 year to go!! xxx Hope we can hellp each other along o here! xx
  3. Hello all, Im new to this and am already driving myself mad! We have booked our wedding for July 2009 and are staying in Cancun for 2 weeks. We have qualified for the complementary ''free'' package and have not added any ungrades yet (still waiting for final guest numbers as we are from England). Having emailed Gaby from Dreams, she has given me additional prices for EVERYTHING! I am interested to know- can you take your own napkins, chair bows, favors, table decorations ect? Also, my travel agent said the initial meeting with WC would be the time to settle any additional requirements ie: meals, exact flowers, gazebo decorations. I am worried this is far too soon to the actual day? What is something goes wrong? Ahhh!!!! Please let me know what others have done. Thanks so much, Lindsay xx
  4. Finally booked our wedding for July 2009 at Dream Cancun. We are from Manchester, England so have a long way to go! Hoping to settle my nerves by coming on here to read the positive reviews! Keep them coming! And hello to all you Dreams Cancun Brides-to-be. You have good taste! ; ) Lindsay xxx
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