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Hi Everyone:


I am so excited. I am finally engaged to a man better than my dreams! We've been friends for about 5 years now and dating for almost 3 1/2 years. He is honestly my best friend and I couldn't be more honored to take this journey to becoming his future wife. However this road trip will be a bit bumpy as we are two people who are at the opposite sides of the spectrum...for instance:


  • I am 'Splack' of Haitian and Honduran descent born in NY...He is Indian born in Guyana
  • I am a practicing Catholic...He's a practicing Hindu
  • I'm loud and crazy...He's quiet and calm
  • I'm an only child...he's the older brother of 4 sisters
  • I'm social and outgoing...He's the reserved type, well until he gets to know you
  • I'm a spender...He's a saver
  • I am spontaneous and will do almost anything once...Him...mmm..not so much rolleyes.gif
  • I want a Destination wedding...He wants to stay here in NY


Yet somehow with all the differences, we have become an amazing compliment and match to one another. So planning this wedding with our crazy families should be fun. Everyone has an opinion and our faiths are equally important to us...It's never a dull moment with us!


I am excited to be officially using BDW! I fell in love with this site about year ago and have been secretly stalking it ever since. I love the ideas and advice and can't wait to use them while dishing some out of my own.


Thanks for reading and happy planning!


- Edna

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Welcome and Happy Planning!

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Thanks everyone. I still have yet to decide a definitive location, however it definitely will not bw in New York. :) 


Debating between Playa Del Carmen, MX (My #1 fave), Miami, Fl or Puerto Plata, DR...

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