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  1. This is beautiful. You have made up my mind I am going to make my bouquet. Thanks for posting pics!
  2. kimbos

    150 posts!

    This is POST # 150 for me now. YAY!
  3. I was wondeing the same thing. Thanks for the info!
  4. The ruins would make beautiful wedding pictures and I was going to look into it but I don't think its worth the risk if you may face fines or get all of the photos taken. Thanks for the heads up!
  5. I am getting married at Cancun Palace and have not heard from my on site wedding coordinator yet. Does anyone know who the on site WC is for Cancun Palace?
  6. I am getting married in May and debating on a 5 or 6 o'clock wedding. I am so torn what made you decide on 5. How many hours will you be booking your photographer for?
  7. Thanks for the ideas. And yeah everything can add up very quickly.
  8. I agree with Adventura Palace's you get the best of both worlds.
  9. Great question I was wondering about the braclets for the wedding photos. I would love to know about the guest being able to take theirs off as well.
  10. Where are they loacated?
  11. Very helpful info but most of my wedding guest like to drink we we are going all inclusive!
  12. kimbos

    Bride to Be!!

    Congrats and happy planning! Jamaica is a great destination I looked into getting married there but chose Cancun after researching every possible tropical beach destination.
  13. Congrats and happy planning!
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