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  1. Hmm this thread has been primarily about Grand Coral. Anyone with info or pics on Indigo Beach Club? Thanks!
  2. Those are fab Jenna. Congrats and thanks for sharing. Quick question, how did you end up perforating the boarding passes?
  3. Hi girls! Congrats again. I was hoping to send my save the dates a year in advance as well but not too sure...looks like we won't be taking our E-pics until early November...
  4. Hi Ladies, This Palapa that is featured in both weddings below is apparently in the La Perla - Pool Area. Does anyone know if you have a reception there, if kids are allowed? Thank you.
  5. Friday Sept. 14th sounds good to me. Let's go for the Brass Monkey. West 12th street right?
  6. YaY a 2013 Bride. I've reserved the St. Francis of Assisi Chapel at Xcaret for November 11, 2013! Congrats on booking La Isla, it's so beautiful. Unfortunately I don't think we'll have the minimum number of guests to fill that space, so we're going to have our reception at whatever resort we book.
  7. Ooo I also became a new mommy! Congrats Shay..I know how it is... Ladies let's day we try for Round 2...NYC say September? Any ideas on locations...SOB's is cute but tends to get loud at times and not really ideal for chatting... Lady E
  8. Hi AllieRay, When I saw the first photo my initial thought was "Oh that's super pretty as is, why does she want to mess with it?" Then I scrolled further and read that it was the invite with the orange backing which clearly I love! LOL By itself is nice also but feels as though something is missing and I wasn't crazy about the white backing so I definitely vote for the orange cardstock. As for the envelope, based on 780chick's reply I'm curious to see if the orange cardstock with orange envelope will have that WOW factor or be too much. Would you mind posting a pic of them together? Although I'm sure the white envelope with orange cardstock will look fab as well. Lady E
  9. Those photos are gorgeous! Can't wait to see more
  10. Congrats Cherany! I'm also considering this property...does anyone else have info on or pictures of weddings at this location? Thanks! Lady E
  11. Hi JA2012, OOT stands for Out-of-Town...here's a link to a lot of the wedding terminology you will probably run across: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/2690/abbreviations-acronyms
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