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  1. Nicole, Congratulations!! Have fun planning the wedding, enjoy every tiny detail since you will cherish these memories forever!! Good luck!
  2. Carla, Congratulations!! Riviera Maya might be the place you want to go! Dreamy white sand beaches, romantic sunsets, great weather and people who are known by their hospitality! visit www.rivieramaya.com for more information! Enjoy the planning and good luck!
  3. Hello Mirandasjb, Congratulations!! Have as much fun and enjoy every part of the planning! You should know Riviera Maya is the perfect scenery for a dream wedding! Perfect weather, dreamy white sand beaches, amazing warm people, breathtaking sunsets... Riviera Maya may the the place you want to go! If you need additional information visit http://www.rivieramaya.com Good luck and congratulations!
  4. Hello 2014bridetobe, Congratulations on your engagement! If you are planning a February trip to Cancun, be sure to visit Riviera Maya too. We are sure you will love it! it has everything a bride to be is looking for; romantic and stunning sunsets, great weather, amazing white beaches and very friendly people! Visit www.rivieramaya.com for more information. Enjoy the planning!!
  5. Hello LeashAC, Congrats on your upcoming wedding!! Have you ever thought about Playa Del Carmen, it is just a 45 min drive from the airport and it is just beautiful! please visit www.rivieramaya.com for more information! Happy planning! Enjoy
  6. Hello Jsappy! have you ever thought about Riviera Maya! Its lovely white beaches, great weather, friendly people and stunning sunsets are just the perfect spot for a romantic unforgettable wedding! to learn more about Riviera Maya visit www.rivieramaya.com Happy planning!!!
  7. Dear brides of BDW, we thought that you would like to see a recent wedding that took place at Le Reve. This amazing couple booked our hotel for 3 days, they had more than a wedding, they experienced a wedding weekend full of events, and more important the exclusive and private use of the hotel only for them and their guests. Heloise and Kelly were married on October 13, 2012. Their ceremony took place on our beautiful beach with guests coming from all over the world and on the wedding day they enjoyed great food, dancing, toasts, and more at the Naay restaurant with our breath taki
  8. Hello Heather!! First of all, congratulations on your engagement! México is a great destination for an unforgettable wedding! Beautiful beaches, amazing and friendly people and good weather throughout the year! Have you ever consider Riviera Maya? visit www.rivieramaya.com for additional information! Good luck and enjoy the planning!!
  9. Hello Tashonte! Welcome to the forum and congratulations, enjoy the planning!! Riviera Maya is an excellent destination for a wedding, it has it all, amazing beaches, breathtaking sunsets and lovely weather! Maybe this is the place you´ll like to go!! visit www.rivieramaya.com for more information! ENJOY!!
  10. Hi Aleena!! Congratulations on your engagement!! If you are thinking in México, maybe Riviera Maya is where you want to go! Great weather, stunning beaches and great people! To learn more about it take a look at http://www.rivieramaya.com Happy Planning!!!
  11. Hi EmmA1025! Congratulations on your engagement!!! You will enjoy the beauty of México and the hospitality of its people!! You can visit http://www.rivieramaya.com for additional information. We wish you the best of luck! Enjoy the planning!
  12. Hello Sunseeker5! Have you ever thought about Riviera Maya? It might be the right place for you! For more information, please visit www.rivieramaya.com Enjoy all wedding preparations! we wish you a lifetime of happiness!
  13. Hello APNK!! Congratulations!!! Have you ever thought about a wedding in Riviera Maya? We´ve got beautiful beaches, great weather and stunning views. Maybe Riviera Maya is were you might want to go! For more information visit: www.rivieramaya.com Enjoy all your wedding preparations and we hope you have the wedding you always dreamed of!
  14. hello!!! Congratulations!!! The Riviera Maya may be the place for you!! you will love the beauty of the beaches, the hospitality of its people and great weather!. For more information visit www.rivieramaya.com Enjoy all your wedding preparations!!
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