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  1. I know I've probably asked this before but I cannot find the answer when looking back.. Could anyone help me with determining the difference between North Beach & South Beach.. I remember hearing one of them was more 'secluded' trying to determine where is the best location for our ceremony that is a little more private than the other.
  2. Anyone doing (or has done) a legal ceremony but prefer the way the symbolic ceremony is performed? And know if you are able to customize it so you don't have to do the fingerprinting & signing of documents in front of all your guests? My parents one request was that if they travel to Mexico that we do the legal ceremony. However, I've watched several videos and personally I do not feel it necessary to do the fingerprints/witness signing in front of all our guests. I was just wondering if this is possible to do afterwards with just our 4 witnesses. Anyone have any experience with this?
  3. Was anyone told they cannot exchange cocktail hour for some kind of credit towards extra dinner plates? I could of sworn I've read numerous ladies that were able to switch it out for credit. So frustrating if your having a lot of guests :/ Destination wedding was supposed to save us some money. My wedding coordinator (who was switched 3X already) is now Claudia and she has informed me I can't switch it for any credit.
  4. For those of you that rented the sound system.... Pre-ceremony did you play music for when your guests were congregating/taking their seats? And how did you arrange that (iPod, cd?) so that whomever is running the system can change the music to the music you have prepared for the actual ceremony/walking down the aisle? Trying to sort out how many pre ceremony songs will be needed/ how many songs (or parts of songs) I should include for walking down the aisle. Thanks in advance for any help
  5. Hi ladies,,.I'm sure the answer to my questions are in this thread someplace but there are just too many pages to go back through and read .. I need someone who actually had a legal ceremony to answer a few questions if possible.. 1.) forms... I need exact details of the forms needed (ie. birth certificates, witness passports) 2.) what to do with these forms...do I send in advance ..how many copies etc. 3.) when we get down to Mexico do they take care of the translation etc of these documents? 4.) how is the legal ceremony done..in Spanish & then with a translator?..is there options? Any help on these would be greatly greatly appreciated
  6. Aww thank you for taking the time to respond to me I will take your advice and just try to stay positive & remember that it's about us!
  7. Thank god I came across this thread... I am in the same situation from those who just avoid the topic altogether, those who say they are so excited- then I hear nothing from them ever again about it, and those who clearly don't support the decision (which is fine & I've never made anyone feel bad about not being able to come!), but yet now they won't even talk to me ..as if I've done something wrong by choosing the type of wedding that suits both our lifestyles. It's been so frustrating/depressing and I really just want to be excited about my wedding which is in 7 months. Just a big thank you for those ladies who take time to write on this blog as it really does make me feel like their are others out there that are supportive!
  8. Our wedding isn't until May, but I found Starfish (5 pack for 2.99) at The Christmas Tree Shop!
  9. Hi everyone... a few questions I have that maybe someone can answer (I'm sure they have already been answered but there are SOOOO many posts to read through) 1.) Has anybody done a Legal Wedding at DRC..and specifically can tell me the exact pricing for the cost of this. I know they charge for every little thing..bloodwork, translation, etc. I am looking for just the total price this would cost me. 2.) Has anyone opted out of a DJ and just rented the sound system for the whole reception? did it work well for you? Looking at the DJ prices make me cringe 3.) Has anybody not paid for extra photographers and just gone with what was included with the packages? I really wanted pics of me getting ready etc. but the prices for having the extra photography also makes me cringe!!! Any thoughts/input would be greatly appreciated! This whole process is starting to overwhelm me and my fiancé is thinking our wedding is basically all "planned & ready to go!" haha little does he know... thanks in advance ladies! xo
  10. Hi could you please email me the scripts as well when you get a chance! Tendler27@yahoo.com
  11. Hi ladies! I know this was covered in previous posts somewhere, but I can't seem to find them right now (too far back to search!). I am a May 2014 bride so I know I have forever (is what people keep telling me) however I am already getting extremely frustrated and annoyed at this process. When I first contacted DRC I was communicating with Evangelina (who no longer works there). I had confirmed the beach for ceremony and pool deck for reception. Having the pool deck was the main reason we chose DRC, and this was communicated and confirmed with Evangelina as well through pictures etc. We then sent in our deposit, and later found out she had left there. Anyways, after a couple weeks (and with help of our TA) I finally was given my deposit receipt and assigned Gina as a WC by Gaby. However, now I am being told I no longer can have the pool deck bc my estimated count is lower than 60. At NO TIME did Evangelina ever tell me I had to have a certain amount of people. I still have no heard back after numerous emails as well as sending them my previous emails from Evangelina confirming the locations. I am beyond frustrated and do not feel like starting this whole process over and looking for a different resort. I know the location probably seems minor to some, but it was the exact reason we went with this resort instead of others we were considering. I am not sure what I am expecting to get out of this post, I am just really frustrated and need to vent somewhere. Is this the start to becoming a bridezilla? haha I certainly hope not as Mexico was supposed to be the laid back, stress free route. Any suggestions on what to do or where to go from here? I am in Canada until the end of May and then we get I get back stateside I guess I will try calling the resort. I want to put down money for room deposits with my TA but I refuse to do that before I get the locations re-confirmed. By the way..thanks for listening
  12. Hi Katie! What part of england are you from? I'm from the US but am currently living in England with my fiancé! We are also planning for a 2014 wedding. (May 5) to be exact! We just picked a resort and put a deposit down at dreams riviera cancun. We were down in Mexico for a friends wedding a couple years ago at dreams tulum and it was amazing! Our choice was based on the location being a little closer to the airport (Tulum was quite far)
  13. I have just received the wedding documents with all the options. Can anybody Give some input on the differences or pros and cons on the North Beach or the South Beach for the ceremony? We definitely want it to be on the beach I'm just not sure the differences ... Thanks
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