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  1. My Fiance and I decided to get each other nice sunglasses as a wedding present. We went thins weekend to pick them out. I know its not as romantic, but I like knowing that im getting something that I really like and he is too. I think its fitting since we are going to be in Mexico for almost two weeks and then going on a cruise in July. 2 weeks
  2. my target didn't have any either...i'm going to go to a few more today! I want this to be the last thing in our OOT bags!!!
  3. I'm so sorry that so many of you have had such bad experieces with DW. I have been using them for about a year now and I have really come to love my specialist, Lisa. I started working with her before I found this site and I had no idea what I was doing. She gave me a list of 8 different resorts ( all different chains) that were in my price range and I ended up picking one that I probably wouldn't have found on my own. I didnt do a group rate because I had no idea how many people would come and I didnt want to be responsible so the only deposit I had to pay was 25% of the actual wedding cost. Lisa has helped allof my guests get rates and has been there to listen to me rant. She did go on vacation for two weeks but she emailed me information for someone else who can help me if I needed anything. I think its a decent option. I would just recomend that you request a specific specialist. Lisa Johnson has been great to work with.
  4. Im noticing her response time slowing as well. I guess it is because its wedding season. Im just going to try not to stess, send her lots of pictures, and plan on knowing exactly what I want when I get down there! She said they cant do smaller tables but she did send me a few other ways they could set up the tables. One of the ways was in like a U shape and I thought it would be really nice for a smaller group. I would see if you could do that. I made little place cards to set out but I really did it just because I had left over materials. I did make OOT bags. Im not quite done but I think i may need to cut myself off or Im not going to be able to get it all down there. Right now my plan is to share one suitcase with my FI for clothes (how much room can swimsuits and whatnot take up??) and have the other suitcase for stuff. My parents have also volunteered to do the same. If I cant make it all fit in two big suitcases, I should probably give up!! So far for the bags I have bought plastic gift bags from party city for most guests and cute totes for the moms and grandmas ( i think theyre the only ones who will care anyways), first aid kits, sunsceen, aloe vera infused soaps that I made, cups with crazy straws, koozies, little foam water balls and post cards. I also have some beachballs, pool floats and mini footballs that Im just going to put in certain bags and everyone will share. Im planning on making CD's for everyone as well, but thats all! Ive been told Im not allowed to buy anything else!! Gosh, its coming so fast!! what are you working on now?
  5. I read that shorts are okay, just no denim or cargo shorts. I think like bermuda shorts are okay. You know, like the ones they sell at Eddie Bower. My uncle is performing our ceremony so Im pretty happy that I dont have to worry about that. Are you doing a seating chart for your reception dinner? Im kind of stressed about making one becuase I only have 20 people coming and the form she sent had those big long tables. I asked if we could have round tables or something but Gabriela hasnt responded (since Monday) Im sure she is just busy with weddings that are in the next few weeks. Has her response time gotten faster as your wedding has gotten closer?
  6. Those bouqets sound beautiful! I soo do not have all the details figured out. Im actually feeling a little overwhelmed myself! It soulds like you have everything pretty much together. I think we picked a first dance song...Lovesong by Adele. Its actually a cover of a song by the Cure but I think its pretty. Im sure you will figure everything out!! I cant wait to see pictures!! Right now Im working on the detail sheets Gabriela gave me to fill out. I thought I had a lot of things checked off the list but after seeing seating charts and all that, which I really had no intention of bothering with, Im a little overwhelmed!!
  7. hahaha!! this was a nice distraction!! 150 posts!! woohoo!!!
  8. Im debating on going with several of these things... I love the cigar idea tho!
  9. great stuff! thanks for posting
  10. your tears of joy packets are very cute...ive been thinking of doing this and now i think ill go for it!
  11. I LOVE the red stripe bottles!!! Were getting married in Mexico and my Fi lovesw Dos XX so i think we are going to use those!!! Thanks for sharing!!
  12. Your pictures are beautiful! I am also using adventure photos so seeing such stunning pictures makes me very happy!!
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