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Here's my comments to your additional questions.

Originally Posted by mrsbruff2b View Post

I asked Janina these questions and she has responded.  Several still do not have concrete answers so I will be redirecting them to the "pre wedding arrangement department" as well.  Hope it helps!!  Her answers are blue, my comments are red.



1) Do all packages (including complimentary) include the arbour for a beach ceremony?  (Yes the complementary includes a white arbour) attach is the picture of the complementary and Ruby.

Is there a choice of what color? They included two options in the PDF files, both have ribbons and flowers on the arbour and some more decor for the beach.  One for $290USD and the other was $770USD.  I'll be sticking to the complimentary white arbour.


 2) We were interested in POSSIBLY doing the Ruby Package but were wondering how much would it cost to reflect the wedding in the photos on the website?  The one in the website is an upgrade package, attach is the info. To make it look like the photos, it's $1767USD on top of the collection cost. This includes Huppah, 10 Tiffany/Chivari chairs, 10 red chair sashes, 2 judge's table flower arrangements, 1 small box flower arrangement, petals for the aisle, bridal bouquet and groom's boutonniere.

Can we substitute, say photography package A for a musician instead? (SorryL unfortunately we do not substitute items)

Are there better photos of the Ruby Package?  For photos please contact our photo agent, her name is Katya she will be more than gladly assisting you with your request; her email is smweddingphotos1@gmail.com.

Also visit our photo website www.palaceresortsweddingphotos.com


3) We want a beach ceremony, do you provide an aisle runner (if I plan on wearing heels/wedges for the day)? Yes we provide the runner, attach is the pic.


4) For a symbolic ceremony, can we see the vows and review the words or make small changes? Attach is a sample, yes you can make small changes but you have to notify your onsite wedding planner.  The words are religious, I am still inquiring about a more "secular" option as we have guests with many varying beliefs.


5) What music will the musician(s) play?  Can we specify? Yes you can request your special songs. J


6) We are having two friends take our photos; they will also be guests at the resort, is this okay? As long they stay at the resort as guests yes, please notify this to your onsite wedding planner.


7) I don't want wrist bands to be in our pictures, can we take off our wrist bands on the day of the wedding without being charged a fee for us and our guests? Yes the onsite wedding planner will take care of this J she will remove the bands for the pictures, no fee as long the wedding planner is the one who remove the bands. We were only allowed to remove the bands for the bride and groom. The next day we had to go to front desk to have them replaced, and you have to bring the old one or they will charge you.


8) Are the mosquitoes bad in June? (J Hard to predict, I was there last month and I did not have a problemJ)


9) Does "ceremony" include cocktail hour? (No, attach are the prices for the events and prices)

Or is this complimentary with the 3 night booking?  All weddings are required 3 business days prior, including complementary wedding package. They didn't really answer my questions here. You receive a complimentary cocktail hour with 15 nights booked through your group contract.

And can the musician(s) stay for cocktail hour? (Yes but is additional)

Are there different rates? Depends of the type of musician, this has to be request with the wedding planner so she can request a quote from the musicians I will forward this question to the coordintator.


10) How much for a private reception? (Attach is the info) $400 per table of 10.


11) If we use the dinner reservations for a reception, where will it be held? Is a dinner reservation at one the restaurant not a private function. They will arrange tables and chairs to be together in one area so everybody can seat together, however the restaurant will be open to other guests. Max 35 guests for a dinner reservation, if you have more you have to purchase a private event. Choose your restaurant in advance. There is a list of restaurants that only allow reservations for 10 people or less. We chose Barracuda for our group of 30 people and were basically the only ones there. The food was really good and the staff gave us a special welcome when we arrived.

Do we choose the restaurant? The planner will give you options for you to select.


12) Can we use outside vendors? (I am not sure about the wish laterns, this will be with the planner) sorry we do not allow outside vendors. We have our own vendorsJ.


13) Is there a separate room the groom can stay in the night before the wedding? You can purchase an additional room for that night. Make sure you ask your WC for a comp room close to your reception area for your guests to use a washroom on the wedding day.


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Thanks :-) It wont let me open it via PM so ive sent you my private addy.


Well my parents are fine with what ever we do... they have told us its our day and we have to do what we want.  His parents on the other hand are the opposite nothing like my parents and dont even bother with him most of the time so not sure why they want to stick their nose in. It will be quite expensive for family n friends to come over from the UK so im only expecting our parents, my little sister, my grandparents and maybe about 4 close friends but to us that is fine...although there are a few more people i'd like to be there i understand they can't make it! So from now on its our day and we are doing what we want.


I wish you could get everything sorted much sooner its driving me insane just waiting around.  I want to get started on Save the Dates etc.




Originally Posted by mrsjdh2b View Post

Hi Mellisay123


I can definitely send you the other stuff I got from Lizzie, it just says what you get with the comp package and then the private events stuff. Basically shows pictures of where you could have a reception/cocktail hour and what decorations they offer. These are the "extras" that you can pay for. But I'll let you know when I get the other stuff.


As far as getting flack from family or friends about having a wedding in Mexico, we did at first. People were concerned about the costs. When we broke it down for them that for around $2200/couple they could have a 5 night vacation with all the food, drinks both alcoholic and non, plus the resort credit people stopped grumbling. There are still a few "good" friends that are moaning but I just told them if they couldn't afford to make it then it was fine we understand and they could attend the AHR later. (Granted these few people are the types that won't commit to saving any money and complain every month they are broke but still come to work wearing a new outfit to work every Monday.) So I have just decided to stick to saying that when these individuals complain. My FMIL and FFIL were both disappointed that we weren't getting married in a church and there were several harsh comments made to us about it. But my response was it's our wedding and what closer way to be with God than to be out in the world that he created. Ha!  We also explained to our families that this was our wedding and this was what we wanted. My FI's brother married a couple of months ago and they had a huge wedding. The bride was meeting people for the first time in her wedding dress due to his parents inviting so many people. We didn't want that. For us this special/intimate day is to be spent with people that have supported us in our "dating" relationship and will continue in our marriage, not people that our parents do business with or that are there just to enjoy a party. This is easily resolved with a destination wedding because really all the people that will come are ones that truly want to be there to celebrate our special day with us.


Just remember it's for you and your future hubby not for everyone else. This should be day just for you guys and what you want. Hopefully it gets better for you!



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Thank you so much!!!

Originally Posted by mrsjdh2b View Post

Here ya go!!I hope that it helps.



( (998) 193.20.10 EXT
* lmis@palaceresorts.com



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Hey Ladies,


Still undecided on flowers but, getting closer to making a decision.  For those that will or have already booked Marvin, how do you plan on avoiding the vendor fee?


How's planning coming along for everyone?

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Hi Mrs JDH

I believe he touches them up but I am not 100% sure.  I know that he responds to e-mails very quickly and will help you anyway he can.  He's been great so far!

Shoot him an e-mail.


Originally Posted by mrsjdh2b View Post

Hey rae12vb,

I looked at his stuff. He does really good work. I made my FI sit down last night and we decided it will more than likely be between him or Octavio Montes. His work is really good and his prices are pretty good to for both prints and digital. Question for you though, have you spoken to Ismael on the digital negatives? Does he to any touch ups or is it just the raw photos that you get on the dvd? That's one question that I wanted answered prior to making our choice. Are you going to do a TTD with him as well?



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Well, ladies - I've finally finished catching up and reading all of the posts on here!  I have to give a huge THANK YOU to all of you.  Before I came to this site, I felt so dejected and hopeless about how the Wedding Planning was going.  I just moved to Missouri 6 weeks ago with my FI, and all of my Bridesmaids and family are back in Arizona, so I've felt pretty alone with all of this.  I now have renewed hope and lots of enthusiasm thanks to your encouraging and helpful posts!  And I feel like I'm not alone in this anymore!  You have answered my prayers. :)


Even though you all have answered so many of my questions already, I still feel like I have a lot!  I will try to spread them out one at a time so it's not overwhelming, haha. 


So far, this is what I've been able to check off:


- Making my own customized checklist

- Breaking down our budget

- Wedding Dress - bought and paid for!  (My beloved Granny treated me to this)!

- My shoes & Bridesmaid's shoes (Silver Coach flip flops - mine are bright silver, and theirs are gunmetal.  Bought BM's these as gifts)

- Reserved date with MP. (Now waiting for them to get my judge and send contract... it's been a week... I think I'll call them tomorrow!)

- Started ordering supplies for MIB invitations.

- Started making website with all details so guests can check it out when they recieve invites.

- Registered at Bed, Bath, & Beyond (want to also do Target and possibly Pottery Barn)

- Booking photographer Octavio Montes for 3 hours on Wedding Day + TTD on Beach and Cenote

- Compiling a list of questions for Miami and/or WC


My next priority (besides sending out invitations ASAP - we didn't do any Save the Dates) is to inquire about blocking out rooms.  I saw a bunch of posts about this on here, and I'm wondering about using a TA.  I can't decide between just having my guests book directly through MP through a link or getting a TA.  What makes you ladies go with a TA?  I've never used a TA in my life when I travel, so I feel in the dark.  We are inviting 80 households (about 160 people), so I want to make booking as easy as possible.  We are on a very tight budget too, so I'm wanting to qualify for as many freebies as possible - shooting for the 75 bookings!  What TA's specifically are you ladies using?  And, may I ask, what do you generally pay for a TA?  My Mom is a Palace Premier Member, so we are going to try to get all rooms through her membership with reduced room rates.  I'm aware that our wedding will be in Peak Season! 


Thanks again ladies - for everything.  You are my angel1.gifs!  (First emoticon I've ever used... haha - such a newbie at this!)





P.S. Coconoir & KRSmith - Love your wedding dresses!  Gorgeous!!  KRsmith - you look stunning in your engagement pics.  We're also "Wedding Sisters," as my wedding is only 4 days after yours! :)

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wecome to the forum! this has been a life saver for me as well. I am actually on the same boat with you on the TA thing. I actually have one and have yet to see any benefit with her so I am wondering if I should drop her and try to do it on my own or if maybe I just have a horrible TA and they can get better?

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I just plan on meeting him in the lobby. I think that's what most other brides do.

Originally Posted by coconoir1908 View Post

Hey Ladies,


Still undecided on flowers but, getting closer to making a decision.  For those that will or have already booked Marvin, how do you plan on avoiding the vendor fee?


How's planning coming along for everyone?


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    • Hi All, I have just gotten in touch with a TA and we are in the process of getting quotes for our wedding in either DR or Mexico. Now she said something that I wasn't  aware of and I wonder how others handled this as I just can't believe that we are the only one in this situation. We feel we are asking our guests already a for a lot to come a long way to our wedding (our guests come from Canada and Germany) and there are a few that wouldn't want to miss it (like my partner's brother) but they just don't have a lot of money. Our budget doesn't allow us to chip in for flights and accommodation so we are basically asking everyone to save up money for our big event. Now we are planning the wedding at a resort that I know some of our guests can't (or don't want to) pay for. We were hoping to find a place where guests have the option to book themselves a cheaper hotel or an AirBnB nearby and only come to our wedding. Our TA told us that the resort might not allow that or only for a limited percentage of our guests. That is terrible news for us! I think that a good 50% of our guests will also stay at the resort for one, two or even three weeks but how can we 'force' other people to stay at the hotel of OUR choice?  I get that the resort would charge a fee for day guests and obviously we expect to pay for food and drinks but I didn't know that we would have to agree to a certain percentage of the guests staying at the resort. I don't feel we have control over that. How do others handle that?
    • Getting married in 10/2020, anyone had a recent wedding here? Asking for some help
    • Hi, I know prices change year to year- Anyone have 2019 or possibly 2020 prices? 
    • My husband and I was married 18 years ago. My husband hates dressing up and truly I had no idea to that he feels embarrassed in dress attire. I told him the only way I would marry him was in tux jacket and pants shirt. Well he wore it but after wedding hyperventilating and nearly passed out. He felt totally humiliated and had horrible memories of our wedding. He has never allowed me to show our wedding photos to anyone and simply it ruined the wedding and has caused tremendous amount of issues over the years due to the fact I made him wear it. He now wants to redo the wedding to wash out our wedding memories and create new. Wants briadsmaid groomsmen everything. He wished he had simply went against my will wore something different. So wants to redo everything included everyone and what they wore but change what he wore. Me dressed in my original wedding dress. I so wish I had never posed him into a suit on our wedding day.its been 18 year nightmare.  He simply wishes to completely recreate a memory. My question is it okay to completely redo our wedding exactly the way it was except what he wears? This has been 18 years of hell he xant get over it. He cant even stand to look at photos and we have never watched the video. Thank you all Sarah 
    • Hi! How did everything turn out? I just booked mine there for next November and would love any tips you have! 
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