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  1. I didn't even think about the bracelets for the wedding lol...however my coordinator mentioned it would be $10 for the bridal party to remove them. Whatever I asked her for I got so I am sure if you say you want them off free of charge they will have no problem with is as Coco did I was in such a frenzy I missed a lot!
  2. I think the dolphin swim goes everyday. On the sheet I was emailed it said Mon-Sat but we did ours Sunday! And definitely book as soon as you can bc they book up quick. We tried the whole waiting for everyone to get there and telling them what we booked etc etc and it ended up taking up so much time and was very stressful.
  3. Ladies and Gent, Sorry I've been MIA for a while I've had a lot of unexpected things come up at work making the wedding remain in the background (husband and I work together). I am waiting on pictures from my photographer and then I will post my review because I think it will be helpful to have pictures to go along. I was in such a frenzy I didn't get to take ONE picture the whole time so I apologize for the delay! My girl Chanel was suuuuuper thorough with hers so I don't even know what is left to cover LOL...jk I had my reception indoors and my ceremony on the beach so I will cover all this. As for excursions, my husband and I only did the dolphin swim so we can't cover too much here but I can definitely give some pointers on the point redeeming process. I did mostly everything last minute due to complications so I will give pointers as to what I would've done differently. I want to thank you all for all your wonderful advice and help, but I especially want to thank Coco and Shane as you both have been a tremendous help I could not have done this without you two! Also I was blessed to meet Coco and her dear husband on my last day at Moon Palace!!
  4. I second this! We brushed our teeth with tap water daily and never got sick. You can also order room service whenever and they will bring you as much bottled water as you would like (we went through a lot of water lol). None of us got sick either!
  5. Thank you so much for the review! I love your photobooth idea
  6. Your decorations were amazing!! That is going to be tough waiting till march 21st but they are going to be so beautiful and I'm with with the other girls..I can't wait to see them too!
  7. I did a small registry at a nicer place macys and then a small one at target because when i hadn't done I kept getting the same "where are you registered??" so i thought Ill give them an option but wont post it on anything. I don't think it's rude to have a registry and specially if you are having an AHR
  8. Coconoir- your man is looking sharp in his suit! We are going to start looking soon..you know me I like to procastinate Ndvidul- You look GORGEOUS in your wedding dress! and the accessories are perfect
  9. They are so not worth it you being upset! I can totally relate and life goes on it's all about you. I would personally invite them still but not expect them to come..hope you are doing well! She is definitely not mature! People have no courtesy and quickly forget everything you did for them on their big day! and the ones that haven't gotten married don't understand what the big deal is lol...definitely a double edge sword! You handled this great though I agree with everyone else...no re-printing of the programs! you had a deadline for a reason..she is lucky she even gets to stand next to you if you choose!
  10. Gosh I had the same thing happen with my FI mom..she asked about some beheadings in the Riviera area. NO there is nothing going on there and I actually let everyone know how far crime was from our location. The last incident was the equivalent of something happening in Georgia being accounted for in Texas so that is so annoying!
  11. Happy Friday everyone!! Hope everyone has a safe holiday weekend
  12. beautiful!! she did a great job as usual And of course I love the name Cesar Chavez since I am mexican and I am a boxing fan!
  13. YAY!! that is an awesome surprise and right on time for the holidays They are SO cute together!! I am so happy for you guys he is going to be an amazing addition to the family
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