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  1. Hi Arch ~ Thank you SO much for the compliment!! I'm happy to talk to you about passport invitations. Just PM me! Xoxo, Tam
  2. Thank you! I'm also a teacher. Wow, my mind actually can't seem to remember how I did that, haha. It may be because my Granny actually did that part, and I put on the labels. I'm sure it's pretty easy with scissors and peeling it off. Happy Planning, fellow educator!
  3. Jocelin - I sent two of my invites to England. I can't remember the cost. But they definitely recieved them. So, apparently, you can "export" sand, LOL! Best wishes!!
  4. Congratulations, Mrs. Wright!!! This photo is incredible. I can't WAIT to see the rest and hear how all of your amazing work paid off for your wedding! xoxo
  5. How exciting!! I hope you'll be sharing pics of your Save The Dates! Make sure to buy yourself some yummy treats as you DIY, too. That's one of my secrets. (lots of wine for me!) Cheers!
  6. I love the luggage tags you made for yourselves!! Is that "Wright" lettering hung up in your house? I love that idea!!!
  7. So excited for you, Chanel!!! I think I can speak for many of us when I say that I'm SOOOO beyond looking forward to hearing how amazing your wedding events go. Thank you again for helping a lot of us make our dreams come true on here. You're such a wonderful woman that deserves every happiness. Love, Tammy
  8. Nope, they didn't charge us anything for our welcome dinner. At first, one of the hostesses was skeptical that we could do it, but I kept asking. And finally, a male host/waiter helped us make it happen (moved a table that she said we couldn't move, haha). It all worked out well! We were all seated at a very long table (tables pushed together). I just asked my coordinator about having the reception dinner there. And we went from there. If you PM me your email, I'll email you the details on the menu!
  9. Dominiqueamber, Thank you!! YES! The magnet-words-on-the-fridge thing is EXACTLY what I was going for! The "Shepherd's Hooks Words" as I call them, were super easy. I bought these cardboard sheets from Hobby Lobby in the cake making section for the backing. Then, I bought chipboard letters and scrapbook paper and just made different words out of all of those materials, hot gluing them together. Then, I hot glued twine on the back. I'd say if you're going to do something like this, make it super obvious that it's available. I forgot to ask the coordinator to hang up som
  10. JustineHeart ~ (Love that BDW name!) Actually, he wasn't too involved at all. Most of the time, he thought I was crazy spending so much time on this! He would have been happy just getting married at the courthouse. But he knew that this meant a lot to me and he really wanted me to have a special day. He just didn't mind not being a part of it (and actually preferred it that way, I think)! I found it challenging to ask for help and have him really involved in helping (more than say, an hour every once in a while... whereas, I spent probably close to 30 hours a week on this stuf
  11. We had our dinner at El Caribeno. It was for 18. Normally, they don't allow reception dinners at El Caribeno (glad you got it too, Shane!!). There's a list of restaurants that you can use for your reception dinner, and this restaurant is not on it. What my coordinator had me do was to email her ahead of time what each guest wanted to eat. (I put together a set menu that my guests chose from, and then I got what they wanted for an appetizer, entree, and dessert, and sent that list to her.) IT WAS GREAT! I highly recommend it. It's not outdoors but indoors. You also mentioned yo
  12. I asked this multiple times to different coordinators (in case one of them gave me a different response, which we know they do), and I was always told that you can't. That the resort credits are always for you. BUT that wouldn't stop me from asking, just in case! Maybe they'll give you a better answer. Good luck!!
  13. Again, thank you SO much for your kind words!!! I LOVE hearing your feedback and especially how some of you have found inspiration to do your own DIY! Woo hoo!!! That's more than I could hope for. LilLadyBug & JustineHeart - That's what I loved about the DIY projects for our wedding: they made things SO personal. It didn't feel like a cookie cutter wedding... it felt like US. And it didn't feel like a big show... it felt like a celebration of our Love. I'm so happy that you feel that too looking through these! I wish you the very same for your Special Day. P.S. Now
  14. That sounds great for your AHR!! Great idea. The HE and SHE are actually computer printed, not stamped, believe it or not! You could probably try stamps as well. That's too funny that our S.O.'s have that in common!!!! Haha.
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