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So far Joannis has been very proactive but I still don't have things set. Hopefully I will talk to her on the phone monday to see what the status is. Good luck, all this is added stress we do not need. I just want a simple wedding and to enjoy my day. Palace is making it a little too difficult for this to happen.

Here is Karla's email address kestrada@leblancsparesort.com, she has been wonderful with booking spa treatments and hair appointments.

Advice for future brides let you wedding party make their own appointments, I feel like I am continually trying to coordinate appointments and treatments for everyone and their continual changes. It has been an added stress, wish i had everyone book their own appointments so I didn't have to stress over it.


You can book golf tee times in advance as well. Dai Alfredo Jimenez Herrera; djimenez@palaceresorts.com


My FI is going golfing the morning of the wedding while us girls are at the spa. LOL. whatever makes our day special. :)



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hi my wedding is 2 days before yours and i dont have anything confirmed either. I originally had Beatriz but when she rang me realised she wasnt actually my WC after weeks of emails and she said that Ivis was, I have never actually heard anything from Ivis?? so email after email to Beatriz who was forwarding them to Ivis I got an email from Joannis saying she is now my WC. She rang me last week to let me know nothing is confirmed and she will see what she can do? As im from the UK she said she cant do any salon bookings for me I have to do them direct which im still awaiting replies from??? Onestly booking a DW has been a nightmare! MP will most defo be hearing my thoughts on all this when we arrive!!



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I asked Joannis who I could contact in charge to talk about my concers but she didn't give me anyone, she just said she would talk to them and make them aware.

Who knows, someone needs to be doing some customer service repair here. I have a feeling when we get to Mexico they will just pass the buck saying its the Florida office nothing to do with them.

Wishing us all good luch. *sigh*


Originally Posted by NaMaPe View Post

So Sorry to hear about your coordinator. Our wedding is the day after yours, Sunday the 25th and we have had the same experience. This is the worst service I have ever received, by a long shot!

I most certainly would think someone would have things under control, but apparently not. The only reason we finally got a response, after multiple e-mails and phone calls was because Palace wanted the remainder of the deposit, etc!!


When I finally got someone on the phone and explained we will be arriving in Mexico in less than 2 weeks....long pause, then ooohhhhh.  Yeah really oooohhhhh, maybe someone should pull their head out of their a** and realize people are spending a lot of time and energy, not to mention having large groups of people travel with them.


If you know of who we can complain to, please send along some contact info.


Last part of my vent, I have never seen so many brothers and sisters so jealous and selfish in my entire life. Going through something like this really shows you who your true Friends are!





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It all looks great Jamie!! Love it. Where did you order the cups from?

Originally Posted by Jamie5280 View Post

Sorry it submitted before I was ready.







We put in


Imodium packets

Advil Packets


Hand sanitizer

Bug wipes

first Aid kit

Tip/key holder

Black Bag

32 oz plastic stein mug



I wanted to do more, but FI was done with them, HA!!!  :)  I hope people like them!!!


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Just sent you the file I had on the cakes at Moon. msnwink.gif

Originally Posted by jackie44 View Post

has anybody got any photos of the wedding cakes you can get from the moon palace please x


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I asked Joannis for it, and she said it wasnt a script? There is no copy? Im pretty sure people have gotten it though.


Originally Posted by ChipmunkRN View Post

Does anyone have the wording for the civil ceremony? I thought I found it before but not I can't seem to locate it.




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Hey ChipmunkRN-

I have the vows if you want to email me jlbndog@yahoo.com, I am happy to send them over to you. I am getting married the day before you, Sunset beach at 4 pm, please feel free to come by watch, join in, whatever. I hope you get all of the issues resolved with Johannis, she seems to be eager at this point, which is nice for a change. Best of Luck!



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