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  1. HI Ladies- I have posted my wedding review for anyone who is interested...whew, it took forever but I wanted to write it while everything was still fresh in my mind. The one thing that I forgot when I posted it was about customs and forms. When you complete the customs forms you need to ensure that you keep that little stub of paper with you because they will collect it when you board the plane back to the US. We went down as 4 (mom, our son, hubs and I) but my Mom came back with our son the day after the wedding so we could have some grown up time. The customs agent when we came through mixed up my husband and son's slip of paper and it lead to lots of delays for my Mom and for us when we came back through. So just keep that in mind! You all have been the greatest support network and I have loved this process feeling like we were all in it together. Best of luck to everyone and may you all have long, happy, and joyous marriages! http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/moon-palace-golf-spa-resort-all-inclusive/reviews/5875?utm_campaign=subscription&utm_source=subscription_immediate&utm_medium=email
  2. Hi Ladies! Working on writing my review but I wanted to show some of the pictures if any of you all are using Juan Navarro for photography. I havent gotten back all of the pics yet but he posted some to his website http://blog.juanphotos.com/. It is the Stephen and Jessica photos. He was terrific to work with and I am kicking myself for not doing a trash the dress with him as well! Coco, I had Valeria as my onsite coordinator and she was the most amazing person and was so helpful, so you are in good hands. FYI, and I may be completely an anomaly...I never spoke to an onsite coordinator before I arrived in Cancun and didn't have my officially confirmed locations until about two weeks out (but that was with Ivis and I learned quickly when I arrived that she did a great job screwing up). Like I mentioned before, it all worked out beautifully and it is a shame that the terrific on-site people have to correct the errors of the Miami folks.
  3. Hi Ladies- So we had our ceremony on Friday (still down here until Thursday) and what everyone says is true...don't worry about things so much on the front end. From the spa services to the wedding planning to the ceremony, everything has been beyond perfect! I will write a long review when I return..happy planning guys and try to relax, it all works out!
  4. Hey ChipmunkRN- I have the vows if you want to email me jlbndog@yahoo.com, I am happy to send them over to you. I am getting married the day before you, Sunset beach at 4 pm, please feel free to come by watch, join in, whatever. I hope you get all of the issues resolved with Johannis, she seems to be eager at this point, which is nice for a change. Best of Luck! Jessica
  5. Thank you so much for the update Coco! I guess I was one of the few that actually heard from her last week, so I will count myself luck. Although, since I have three weeks until I leave and locations were still up in the air, I was starting to panic. My on-site person is Valeria, do you all know if they contact you before you get there? Also, how do the OOT bags work? Do you leave them with the front desk, give them to the coordinator or deliver them to guests yourselves. We have the bags all finished, just not sure if I need to label them if someone else is giving them out. Thanks ladies!
  6. So get this...wedding date is March 23rd...thought I had everything confirmed awhile back and was waiting on the final contract with Ivis. Got an email today and a phone call saying (and I had confirmed this with her earlier after feedback on this blog)...no Carribean Terrace for our dinner because dinner can't be served up there if you don't pay for a full private event. WHAT!!?? I had specifically outlined this in an email with her and she goes, well I am sorry that was an error. I am so not happy! I argued a bit and she is "going to work on it" but I may be back to square one with dinner reservations and we are 5 weeks out. Cross your fingers that she "can make it work." UGHHH!
  7. Thank you MPWeddingPlan! I don't think the $23 per person roundtrip our TA is quoting is horrific or anything, but I think we could probably come out a little more reasonably hailing a cab. I think we may take that route. Did you all use the transfers when you visited? Great to see you are in Myrtle Beach, we live in Raleigh, NC but my family has a house in North Myrtle and spend most of the weekends in the summer down there! Thanks again!
  8. Hey ladies...wow the hubs to be and I have been at it this weekend getting some major things crossed off our list! It feels awesome! With only 5 1/2 weeks to go before we leave I needed to get in gear! Question for you all that are getting close to your big days...are you all ordering your ground transfers in advance? Anyone know what the cab situation is like? We were trying to decide if we are going to book this in advance. Thanks! I have been following all of your posts and all of the DIY projects are amazing!!
  9. Hi all- I am getting married on March 23rd and have had the same concerns about the photographers after seeing the work on the smilemarket website. I was shocked when I saw that TWO of their portfolio pictures (you know the one's they think reflect their best work) have other people in the background (one a caterer and one a group of guys in bathing suits drinking beer). I had a call with my WC today and I told her that it was unfortunate that they rope people into using a service that many think is subpar. I am not particular about photos AT ALL, but even I was disappointed. My WC said that the policy is two nights for outside vendors. I told her that that requirement is silly, seeing how they wont use the room and the photographer wont even stay to eat. I am with you guys, buying ONE night and calling it a day We leave 10 weeks from today and I am so excited!!! Got the location of the reception booked, the cocktail reception booked and made all of my spa appointments! Bring on March!!
  10. Hi All- New to this blog, getting married at Moon Palace on March 23, 2012. Has anyone seen the new website and new packages that they have put together? I am wondering if the original package designs and what was included within those packges still stands. Should match the contract right?
  11. Moon Palace Ruby Collection Wedding

    I found this website to be a tremendous help during my planning, especially all of the lovely brides in the 2012 brides thread. Now that I am on the other side, I wanted to share both my wedding experience and overall experience with the resort.  In short, I LOVED IT!!!     Overview: Host Resort: Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort Room Block: Sunrise Side (Family Suite for three nights and Concierge Level 6 nights) Wedding Date/Time: Friday, March 23, 2012 / 4:00pm Miami Coor
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