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  1. You'll love Gonzalo. He did our wedding and TTD. He's such a nice guy and was so patient with me and some changes I made last minute. I haven't gotten my pictures back yet, but I'm sure they'll turn out beautifully.
  2. Everything looks amazing Coco! The colors turned out wonderfully. Loved it all!
  3. My hubby and I were upgraded to OceanFront Concierge, but didn't really use any of the concierge amenities. We were going to use the free 15 minutes couples back massage, but since we already had so many credits, we just used our credits for the 45 minute full body massage and didn't feel like the free massage was necessary. We actually did use the free "romantic" dinner, but I don't know if that was available to us because we were concierge, or if all newlyweds got that. The room size is going to be the same either way.
  4. I had the same issue when I did mine. My template had front pages and back pages (all the back had was "This Is Not A Valid Travel Voucher" in light gray text). So I copied the borders from the front, deleted them, and then pasted the borders on the back pages and cut them using the borders from the back. I had to flip the borders and play with them though so that the passes lined up and still kept the shape I wanted it to be from the front. So if I had borders that showed up, it would just be in the back and wasn't a big deal. Also, after I pasted the borders to the back, I made them a lighter color. I made them a very light gray so that it wouldn't be so obvious. It turned out fine, but was a little tedious making sure it kept it's shape. Hope you find that helpful or find an easier way to do it.
  5. I honestly don't think aunts/uncles, cousins, and godparents need flowers. I don't think I've ever been to a wedding where they had flowers unless they were in the wedding party. As for the officiant, if it's someone you don't know and the resort is just providing that person, you probably don't need one for him/her either. But if you're having someone you know officiate the wedding, I would get him/her one so that he/she stands out. Just my opinion. Ultimately, it's your big day and I'm sure whatever you do will be just fine
  6. They say two hours are free and you would have to pay a fee per table/per extra hour after that. So I planned for my welcome dinner to be from 7-9, but they let us stay until 10 and didn't charge us (all outdoor events have to end by 10).
  7. The only thing I can suggest is waiting and maybe talking to some of the guests to figure out when they are going to book. It's still pretty early for a lot people to be booking. Not including my immediate family and wedding party, my first guests didn't book until 3 months before the wedding and the last person booked just two weeks before the wedding date. I'm sure they will book Some people just don't plan that far ahead.
  8. Oh and there was no additional cost. That would just be ridiculous to charge for something like that.
  9. My wedding was on May 27th. I didn't think we would be able to do a rehearsal because Joannis had told me the wedding coordinators are too busy and there are too many weddings going on throughout the day to be able set one up. So I just planned on doing a rehearsal dinner with our parents and wedding party to talk about what needed to be done. Lo and behold, she was wrong (no surprise). When I met with Valeria, she asked if I wanted to do a rehearsal with her. So we were able to go to the actual ceremony site on the beach and do a quick rehearsal. It had to be at 10 in the morning due to her wedding schedule, but that was fine by me. Everyone just went their separate ways for the day after the rehearsal and we met up again for the rehearsal dinner so that we could thank everyone.
  10. I had to stop myself from looking at the weather report too to stop from going crazy. Smart choice. It will be wonderful either way. Safe travels!
  11. Good idea. Joannis sent me the spreadsheet but didn't say anything about needing to pay so I just ignored it. It worked out. My coordinator showed me the bill after our wedding (since we added last minute stuff) and added it to my room bill at checkout.
  12. Thanks for the comments ladies! And safe travels Summer12! OMG I wish that was still me. You'll have a fabulous time!! Can't wait to hear about it!
  13. Hi friends! Just got back from Mexico. The wedding was wonderful! There were small things that didn't go perfectly, but all in all, it was a success! We had a blast. We won't get pro pics for awhile but Gonzalo was fabulous and I'll share as soon as I get them! Kudos too to the wonderful Sara Tamargo. I will write reviews as soon as possible. Jamie, I saw a little peak of you and your group taking pictures on the beach. You looked beautiful!! I can't wait to hear about the rest.
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