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  1. It was refunded to me at check out! I had unlimited events. they even refunded the horse drawn carriage since we didnt have it because of the terrential downpours!!
  2. If I were to re-book I would have booked our whole group in the Nizuc section! The pools are much nicer, and it is not so crowded. It is also newer and in the center of the resort! Most of our group was on the sunrise side and 4 other rooms were on the nizuc side so we were spread out and it was nice to travel and have some things close to peoples rooms. All of the wedding stuff is in the Nizuc section. The grand is the newest, but most quiet. We loved this after everyone left (it was the lobby/pools closest to our room also!) No matter what if you have a group you will take over any section! Your better off with a less crowded spot to begin with! It poured our first two full days there and I cried my eyes out...then it was perfect...up until 1 hour before our scheduled outdoor wedding and reception when tropical storm Debbie touched down over MP! ..... Rain on vacation in Mexico is still better than rain at home!!! None of my guests cared because it was their vacation!! (not their wedding They felt bad for me! If you are having a reception just have your coordinator have your ceremony and reception in the same room- I wish they did that for me! It will be best for pictures! We still had a blast! If your not doing a trash the dress, reconsider - I wish I did, because I would have at least had the "beach pictures" I went there for! Also, if you qualify for unlimited functions- do one every night on a terrace! Then it will be like a reception every night! I didnt want to "take up peoles time" but everyone wanted to be together anyway and you annot get tables for groups at all. My dad had a travel Bose speaker and we danced everywhere! It was worth ever penny!!!! Don't (try not to) let the weather consume you!! There is NOTHING you can do to stop whatever happens happens and it just cannot be raining all week!!! Its the Caribbean!! We changed our wedding son for our at home reception to "theres something sexy about the rain" by Kenny Chesney!
  3. I was married 6/25/12 and we received our credit for 7 nights at checkout!
  4. MPwedding plan: I HOPE it cant possibly rain anymore in Cancun...really!! WE actually just had our at home reception Saturday here in the rain also....REALLY?! Pretty funny actually because We changed our wedding song to "Something Sexy About the Rain" so it definatley fit!! OK ladies.... I had my reception in some ballroom in the nizuc lobby. I honestly don't remember where it was because it was supposed to be on the tucan terrace I had a dance floor and centerpieces I didn't pay for! Maybe they felt bad because a storm hit! I will try to find a picture. *****ask to have your ceremony in the reception ballroom in case of rain. We were in a horribly ugly room with kitchen dishes crashing next to us. The storm hit 30 mins before the ceremony was supposed to begin so i had no idea where we were even getting married. I wish they just did it all in the reception room because it was much "nicer" and decorated. You would definitely have to request this at your initial meeting. Here are some pics of our ceremony location and reception location Beautiful I KNOW....just how I pictured it for almost a year..... I still cant believe I was smiling so big...Its really not about the location This picture as well as all our bridal party pictures was taken in the hallway. I NEEDED to get out of that ceremony location. One table decorated with pink yellow and orange napkins I brought ( not sure where the navy blue came from) and extra chair sashes since most of them got wet in the gazebo. All the candles and lanterns were given by MP. we didnt pay for any extra decorations. Make sure you get the flowers your supposed to get on top of your cake....haha! Poor Theresa. She was new.... dance floor was there After everything is said and done I would have done it all the exact same way!! (Minus the storm) but what can you do right? PS- All of our hair and makeup came out better in Mexico than back here at home!! Best wishes!!!
  5. What I meant was if you try to go through someone other than your wedding coordinator you may end up paying what they have in print.... My coordinator set up everything for free. We also had little lanterns on our tables and battery operated tea lights which they put out for us. I knew that they wouldn't leave a table bare....although our cake was supposed to have flowers on top and it was bare.. Also, I didn't want to have nightly events even though we qualified for unlimited events. I wanted people to do be able to their own thing, but funny enough everyone wanted to hang out with each other That was kind of a pain because we were all spread out and restaurants cant take more than 10 or 12 people and reservations are hard to make and you still wait. So looking back I kind of wished we utilized out=r unlimited events with cocktail parties on terraces or even dinners in a gazebo. Had we done that, we would have had the outside events I wanted for my wedding!! You can get a PDF of all the buffet and hors deorves options, but it changed in a few months, so I would wait on that. But you can still do menu cards , even if it changed again I'm pretty sure you could get what you have written down because they really do aim to please once you are there! I really wanted Arrifices for our welcome dinner and I was told it was booked at 6 and we couldn't have it later than that. My coordinator put us in for an 8pm dinner reservation, and the tables were ready and set up perfectly at 7:30. She just kept saying...what do you want..I feel like I could have don anything at that meeting, where I was told otherwise by Joannis in Miami.
  6. I am back...it has been a LONG 10 days!! I am waiting to put up a review until I can collect my thoughts. I know many of you anxiously await reviews (as did I) so Ill do a mini one here My coordinator was Kalena and once we got there it was Teresa. (I had no Idea why) Teresa was AWESOME and so cute! She must be new because she asked allot of questions during our meeting! The day of our meeting it had been raining for over 24 hours and the palace was flooded! I was so worried it was going to rain for all my guests vacation but even more so for my wedding. Teresa assured me it never rains on her weddings (I'm still sure this was her first week) never the less this was reassuring. **** DO NOT TRY TO DO OR GET ANYTHING AHEAD OF TIME except your locations!! The wedding coordinator can basically do whatever you want. They have a TON OF PULL!!! More than the front desk I believe!! The next few days were nice and all my guests were having a blast. Our welcome dinner at Arrifices was AWESOME!! Best food, and a great time! Wedding day - Salon at golf course was great My mom, MIL, MOH and 2 friends all got hair and makeup and looked perfect! I was the only one with hair pic and it came out perfect and everyone else still looked amazing. They know what they are doing!! Wedding 6pm Tucan Gazebo 7-10 reception on the Tucan terrace. these locations were by far the best. Our room was right next door. I showed everyone and saw a few weddings..... 5:15 Tropical storm Debbie hit ( here is where my emotions are getting the best of me) WE asked Teresa during the first two days of rain if we could have the catholic gazebo as a back up. She said sure. Well at about 545 that gazebo started flooding. (I had no idea what was going on until about 6:20) I know she was working hard up to that point. The wedding pictures break my heart because I am such a summertime, beach loving, outdoor girl. Thanks to the amazing group of fun people we had with us I smiled throughout the whole ceremony which must have been right next to the kitchen in the Nizuc Lobby. The reception looked cute and I would have rather been married in that room. It was still a very fun time and we had no problems with the moon palace at all! I had enough rain for everyone so you will all be fine I just wish there was a beach backdrop for unfortunate brides like me. Here are some quick pics off FB:
  7. Soooo excited to leave in just 3 days!! I only have chair sashes (like 15) for the ceremony and maracas and napkins for the recption tables. I am hoping to get those set up...even if its 65 dolllars and just be done, or have my friends do it beforehand! The only thing I care about is the weather....I cant look..... So happy to see to see and hear all the June brides having the perfect day, looking perfect!!! Again, I havent paid for anything in full, havent spoken to Kalena, and Im not worried......I have it in writing that my locations were booked so if its not available........my 26 guests vacations better be free
  8. Jamie- did you write your own vows? The script was beautiful!!
  9. My dress had a baby train, and the bustle was so tiny it all didnt look right, for a beach wedding, and then wearing it again at an AHR I just had it taken up so its all one length. I like it so much better than with a bustle
  10. Im interested to see how long it takes you to recieve your refund.
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