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  1. you don't need to do OOT bags no one expected them, but I have to say they were fun to put together and I loved how much everyone else loved them and were surprised by them. Plus it was exciting to see everyone using their beach bags at the pool or their key holders around their wrist. I didn't do mugs but saw plenty of people from other wedding parties using thier bubba drink cups. It was worth it for me to do.
  2. So my wedding went off wonderfully on Sat. I am not Mrs. Richardson. Christina the wedding coordinator on site is amazing. She is totally organized and knows what she is doing. Will write a full review when we get back but wanted to update any brides who are coming soon that the Disco is closed for repairs with an unknown date to reopen. We had planned for the wedding group to party there but they closed it the night before. So we ended up partying with Janel's wedding party in the Sunrise lobby where they had music and dancing so it all worked out. Its been a wonderful experiance, We upgraded our room to the concierge level this trip and I would definatly recommend it. They did so many extra touches, 3 times a day I would come into my room with a new surprise! It was great!! Ok back to my vacation.
  3. Just putting the final touches on the wedding playlist! I cant believe we fly out tomorrow!!! My FI is being so good about the weight of the bags we have 3 suitcases and his golf clubs between us and the kids and each one is right at 50lbs! We are cutting it close. LOL I just can't wait to be checked in and get a drink in my hand! Tips from other Palace members on shots to try (I'm planning to try them all) Bumble Bee Mango Tango Miami Vice Scooby Do Spiderman Correlejo w/ oranges & sugar Flaming cockroaches Chocolate Cake
  4. If you cant open the templates just send me your email address and I'll be happy to send them to you. If I attach them in an email here you still wont be able to open them.
  5. Yep just "borrowed" the logo from the web site. I was surprised not one place questioned me on having the rights to use the logo, I thought that would have been an issue. Nope no one cared. LOL The bag logo they had to remake since the pics on the web site are very low resolution Moon Bag logo.pdf
  6. Yes, the golf balls at the course are $50 for a box of Noodles, which are $15 at home! I about died paying that last year.
  7. OOT Bags I got the totes at Outletshirts.com for $4.46, which was perfect then had them printed at home. Golf balls were a great deal from Ziplinegolf.com, I love them Got the activity books, color books, Spanish word guide and most all the template from other brides, I'm just reposting them. The activity book has a page for a crossword I made one online and copied it in American_Spanish_Phrases-USL[1].pdf Final Coloring Book.doc Final Room key holder.ppt Final Room key holder back.ppt first aid kit label.pptx Final Wedding servival kit label.pptx In Sickness and health.docx activity book.docx
  8. So Wed. Joannis got all my original locations and flower orders reserved. Thank goodness! I'm all done with my OOT bags will post picks later today, It totalled 35lbs! My fiance is handling the packing of all this crap very well. Just glad I don't have to lug it all back after the wedding. Have one more foot jewelry to make then I'm done with that too. The kids came up yesterday, the ex sent my new step son up with none of the Summer clothes we bought him last year and no underware. I swear if I wasn't so happy I'd be screaming. So off we go to shop again for summer clothes We leave Monday, I am so ready to be on the plan and done with all the planning. The weather says showers Sat I hope it changes or clears up for the 3 afternoon weddings that are going on. Cant thank everyone enough for their support and ideas. This blog has been a god send!
  9. How was it getting your dress through security? Do you have to put it through the scanner? How was the airline about hanging it in the closet? I'm so worried because its so big and heavy. Much heavier than I thought it would be
  10. Great review, very helpful, Thank you. Your decorations were amazing!
  11. Nope it was 90 days in advance that I could book hair/spa and golf
  12. Congrats! Your wedding looked wonderful! I was just wondering if I could wear my dress all night or not, wasn't sure if that would go over or not. I figure I paid enough for it I should be able to wear it at least one full night. LOL
  13. I think she is just for Moon Palace but I'm not completly sure. I'm sure if you asked her she could put you in contact with someone from another resort.
  14. Does anyone have the wording for the civil ceremony? I thought I found it before but not I can't seem to locate it. Thanks Summer
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