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Proofs from my real touch bouquet...Opinions please

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Msjulie - I ordered them from wedideas. The link to the site is under the last picture.

Mischaka - the MOH is 6 inches and mine is 9 inches

Mallory57 - I'll be sure to post final pics as soon as they come in.


Thanks again ladies :)

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Ooooh, Jenise -- they're GORGEOUS! Great colors, too!


Although it's hard to tell how big they're going to be without anything to judge the scale, I'd bet they're going to be just the right size....all too often I've seen the brides that I know with these HUGE, overwhelming fresh flower bouquets and they look laughable.


I think bouquets that are more reasonably sized are in style now a days. I'm sure most brides don't want to hide behind this giant bush of flowers, but rather would prefer something more appropriately sized to subtly accentuate how beautiful she looks that day. I think your flowers are going to accomplish that flawlessly wink.gif

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